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International Marriage 

The shape of love
Rugglero Emiliano,
Karin Emiliano
The number of international marriages has been increasing these days. According to the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry’s statistics of movement of population, there were 36030 international marriages in 2003 and this accounted for 49% of the total number of marriages. One in every twenty couples is an international marriage and it is becoming more and more common around the world.
“We met each other through an Italian exchange website”

Chen I-Shan interviewed one of these couples who were full of hopes and dreams. We will reveal a picture of mixed marriage’s ideals and reality!

Mr Rugglero Emiliano, Ms Karin Emiliano

Chen – How did you guys meet?

Karin –I was studying in Italy and I was struggling with Italian really badly at school…I didn’t know what to do! I had to put so much more effort into Italian…then I met him through this website - he was studying Japanese online at the time. By the way, the website was for people who were studying languages and interested in different cultures and languages.

C – What is the best thing about international marriage to you guys? And what is the most interesting thing?

K – I haven’t really thought about it properly but I think it’s the fact that we both understand the difference between our cultural backgrounds by living in two different cultures. Everything does not always go according to plan and we find obstacles about trivial things but by overcoming these problems we can come to a better understanding of each other. The hardest thing is that we have different ways of thinking. Certain things I do that I think are good could well be the things he hates. For example, I always think that it is common sense to say thank you when he does something for me, but he thinks it’s too distant. My politeness makes him worried.

C – I heard that Italian guys are very romantic, how about him?

K – He is very, very romantic. His honesty and how he expresses his feelings are different from Japanese guys. He also gives me lots of presents often in our everyday life. He is the expert at making me happy.

C – What are the most attractive traits you find in one another?

Rugglero - I was really glad that I chose her when I found out we shared similarities in our opinions. I think what is most attractive is our way of thinking.

C – Do you have any advice for those young people who plan to have an international marriage?

R - If both of you love each other then it will come naturally.
K – If you possess great empathy towards one another and forgive each other’s small flaws then you can continue having a great relationship. Don’t worry too much. It’s such a pleasure to be with someone who has a different cultural background and your vision and perspective on life will be double what you have right now! So my advice is to not worry about the small things.

C – Thank you for your time!

Overseas student Chen I-Shan’s interview experience

Chen I-Shan

I felt the mystery of fate through their interview. They are such a happy couple who overcame the distance to be together. If you try hard to understand each other, despite the cultural and language barrier like them, you can be as happy as they are.