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Asia Superstore

The store that carries all the cooking ingredients and seasonings used at Thai restaurants?
◆Asia Superstore has a wide selection of ingredients and seasonings that are essential to Thai cuisine and creative Asian foods. Here you can find a variety of products at reasonable prices. The ingredients offered here have been used by many Thai restaurants. We also sell Thai music, videos, drinks, and desserts as well, so enjoy your shopping here. Of course, we also accept a few methods of payment and deliver across Japan. We use SSL to ensure the security.

Don’t get disappointed if you can’t find something you’re looking for. As a matter of fact, the number of products we carry is too large that we can’t put everything on the website. Feel free to ask us about our stock. You may also purchase other products all together at the same time.

We offer a variety of quality items that satisfy cooking teachers and Thai restaurants as well. Even if you’re just a beginner to Thai food, you will be fully satisfied!

【Top 3 Items at Asia Superstore】

No. 1: CHAOKOH Coconut Cream (1000ml) ¥450

No. 2: Dried Thai Chillies ¥300 (250g)

No. 3: Green Papaya ¥90 per 100 g (Available from 500 grams and above)

Indian tours: Air Crystal

What’s the forbidden love in “A Passage to India?
◆When talking about the control of India by UK, I’m sure one would not forget the movie “Gandhi” (1983). Through this movie, we can understand the outline of the conflicts between the Indians and the British. While it seems like the Indians were fawning over the British, they in fact had stealth hostility towards the British. Of course, there were British like Mrs. Moore and Fielding, as well as Adela, who tried to gain an understanding of India and treated the Indians equally (which is something that should be taken for granted). There were also Indians like Aziz who tried to talk to the British without any prejudice. However, they caused subtle misalignments as a result of an event. To say it without afraid of misunderstanding, the story itself is about “a false accusation caused by female’s sexual urge”, but behind it lies the themes of Indian culture and national identity, and the frictions as well as frictions between the Indians and the British who tried to control them.
(From yappiteki rekishiteki eiga)

☆【A Passage to India】
Air India≪Including 2 domestic flight tickets ≫ Up to 45 Days         
(You may change the return flight upon arrival) Stopover at Bangkok Available with an Additional ¥10,000!
Student Discount Available ¥68000~

☆Package to India
Eternal Ganga・Varanasi, Flight + Hotel Package 5 Days
~Travel with Overnight Sleeper Trains・Domestic Flights~
Transportation Service in Each Section&2 Nights Stay at Hotel (Breakfast Included)・You can extend your stay to max. 45 days with an additional surcharge!

☆【Females Only! A Special Deal for 2 People and Above】
Golden Triangle 5 Days
~Visit Delhi・Agra・Jaipur : 3 Cities・5World Heritage sites~
Air India・Accompanied by a Japanese tour guide throughout the trip. All admission fees included!

★We make local arrangements for Transportation・Hotel・Interpretation・Guide・Sightseeing and so on.
Feel free to consult us.

Air Crystal Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Municipal Government Travel Agency No. 3-5400
Santopia Yotsuya Building 1F, Suga-cho ichibanchi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 〒160-0018


Although they were printing the news related to Tenrikyo, what else happened in Japan when they were first established?
Which of the following events happened when Tenrijihosha was established?

①Television Drama being broadcasted for the first time in Japan

An open experiment of television broadcasting was conducted at the radio wave exhibition at the Mitsubishi in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. What was being broadcasted was the first Japanese drama “Yugemae”. In addition, the Olympic that was to be held in Tokyo in that year was to be broadcasted live on TV.

②The announcement of the Academy Award. Hattie McDaniel won the award for Best Supporting
Actress for her role of Mammy in Gone with the Wind. She was the first African performer to win an Academy Award.

③The Tripartite Pact was signed in Berlin by Germany, Japan and Italy.

④The titles for Tokyo Asahi Shimbun and Osaka Asahi Shimbun were unified as “Asahi Shimbun”.

⑤From bean-scattering to comfort bags
On Setsubun, instead of eating only the same number of beans scattered as their age, people started to put them in comfort bags. There was a saving boom.

Answer: All of the above. ①~⑤ all happened in 1940 (Showa 15TH Year).

However, many advanced printing machines that can only be found at newspaper companies have been installed in Tenrijihosha. It is not a company that only has a history.


Tokyo MS Co., Inc. Medic Service

Facing the serious shortage of doctors, the government finally started to move. What’s in their mind?
The Present Situation of
         Serious Shortages of Doctors

In order to resolve the shortages of obstetricians and pediatricians mainly in rural areas, the government/governing party put together the “Emergency Measures to Ensure Doctors”. The pillars include a doctor dispatching system at the country level and the expansion of the limit of enrollment for medical schools students from rural areas. These have been reflected in the government’s “large-boned policy” compiled in June and as well as the government party’s campaign promises for the Upper House election in summer. As the emergency measure, the government will set up a “Doctor Bank” at the country level which allows the temporary dispatch of doctors to areas that are in shortage according to the requests from the prefectures. They assume that the registrants will be the doctors who have retired.

In addition, as the medium and long-term measure, they have reduced the enrollment limit of postgraduate education hospitals in metropolitan areas in order to make young doctors move into rural areas. Many medical schools have increased their enrollment limit for students from rural areas and have exempted the doctors who work in the area or the specialty that are short of doctors from the obligation to pay back scholarships.

In the meeting held by the government/governing party at the Prime Minister’s office, the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated, “We will try our best so that many citizens will be able to feel the improvement and feel comfortable with the health care system in rural areas”. The government is executing the plan by formulating an action plan across the office and ministries in the future.

(From Sankei Shimbun)

Following the announcement, many groups have stood up to face the shortage of doctors, including Medic Service. We should send hearty cheers to those that work hard every day from dawn to dusk in order to resolve the problem. If you know any doctors, there is a website that you should let them know.
That is Medic Service’s Registration for Doctors・Medical Care Recruiting Website.

The doctors across the country, the patients are waiting for you! Register first.


This is no doubt a guest house revolution!

Reporter: Shiho Hitomi, W University 2nd year student

Recently, I went to the private view of “DK HOUSE WARABI” which had just been opened.

Before I went there, I had had the image that guest house is for “poor foreigners”. (Those associated please excuse me.)

But “DK HOUSE WARABI” was really excellent! I’ll try to explain the reasons why I was surprised here.

First of all, you only need to pay the “¥30,000 deposit” when you move in! You know, when I moved in to my room where the rent is ¥70,000 per month, I ended up paying almost ¥400,000. That’s almost 6 months of rent.

What was even more surprising was the security. Despite the fact that many advanced machines are in operation, they are going to install twice as many security cameras.

What I have realized since I started living by myself is that sometimes I get lonely at night. But since the manager and his wife are there the whole time, it’s really reassuring.

Maybe that’s why there are many foreigners. Comparing to going to classes if you’re not learning much, maybe it’s easier to learn Japanese here. Also, there is a big kitchen where every one can enjoy cooking and eating together!

From the Japanese style-room and the garden, we can see that they are trying to promote the Japanese culture. They also have Japanese harp practices as well as seminars on how to put on yukata.

The rooms are big too! (8 tatami) Moreover, they’re all furnished! You can start your new life with just a bag. This is so good… If you want to be alone, this is the place where you can calm yourself. And since you can use the internet for free, you can also do the research required for your homework.

You can see a row of cherry blossom trees through the window. The image I had had towards guest houses was totally changed by this gorgeous guest house which is located in a calm neighborhood. I should have moved here~~ (tears)

Korea Plaza

Korea Plaza, the store that is proud of itself for being the store that has the biggest selection in Japan. By the way, what do people in Korea eat in a wedding?
Seasonal Food・Food for Anniversary in Korea
Silver line noodles (Gukusu): In Korea, there is a custom of having a meal after the wedding, and usually people eat Gukusu which represents their wish for the couple’s longevity and happiness. These days, instead of eating Gukusu, people eat other foods as well, but the meaning has remained unchanged.

2. Samubok
Samgyetang: Sambok means the hottest period of the year. It changes every year, but it usually falls in between July and August. In order to beat the summer heat and to build up one’s body, people often eat Samgyetang in Korea. It is a typical Korean healthy dish that contains stewed sticky rice, Korean ginseng, chestnuts, garlic, claws, and other ingredients. People not only eat it during this period but throughout the year as well.

Sonpyon: On this day which is equivalent to the Obon Festival in Korea, people make rice flour from the rice harvested in that year and eat it with beans and sesame.

4.Before taking an exam
Candy (Yoh): There is a custom of giving test-takers candies in Korea. Since candies are sticky, there is a meaning of “stick to the school of your choice!”. It used to be only the candies, but nowadays people give out other sticky foods such as sticky rice cake, chocolate, and so on.
(From Korea Plaza’s website)

○Experience as a Japanese Teacher○

All for the sake of students. Playing an active role every day with 3 hours of sleep. — An interview with Ms. Kazuyo Tezuka
Kazuyo Tezuka
Kazuyo Tezuka
She majored in Japanese-language education in a graduate school in Korea. After returning to Japan, she received the Japanese Language Teaching certificate after 420 hours of training. She has 4 years of experience in teaching Japanese and 3 years of experience in teaching Korean.

Why did you become a Japanese teacher?
When I was in university, I was the president of the Tutoring Club. I was able to increase communications with students from abroad, and a few foreign students had told me “Why don’t you become a Japanese teacher?” However, I wasn’t aware of that back then. I then went on an exchange to Korea, the place that I was interested in. I was so into Korea that I started to look for ways to avoid having to come back. At the end I figured that I could stay there with a student visa and thus made up my mind to enter graduate school. The only faculty I could enter was the faculty of Japanese Language Education. Upon graduation, it was hard to find a job in Japan, so I decided to become a Japanese teacher instead of working at a company.

What makes the job as a Japanese teacher worth doing?
The best moments are when the students tell me “Oh, I got it!” or “”Your classes are interesting”. I see their reactions right away, so it’s exciting every day for good or for bad. In addition, they often ask me questions that I have never thought of from the Japanese perspective, so I have learned a lot as I get to see things differently.

Dreams for the Future
My goal is to become a person with “healing power” ♪
I hope to become a person that always has something to spare in many aspects.

A message for future Japanese teachers
It may sound strict, but people who want their own time should not do this job. You cannot really draw a line between private life and the job. In addition, you will not be able to do it for long if you just want to use it as a means to go abroad. You should call it a few years of rigorous training rather than work. You would be worried about how to make the lessons more interesting and how to make them easier to understand every day. (In my case I was teaching at 3 different schools, and the average time of sleep I got was 3 hours). There are also many problems other than the lessons! If you still feel “I want to do it for sure!” even so, please become a Japanese teacher by all means. I support you from the bottom of my heart.


Expanding Businesses in Korea
Q: The country with the 11th highest GDP in the world. A member of the OECD. World’s leader in ship building, internet, cell phones, semi-conductors, LCD, and MP3 technologies. It is also competitive in nuclear power, automobiles, iron and steel, high speed railway, and robotics. The country that has the highest percentage of internet users. Which country is that?

A: The answer is Korea.
It seems like people have the image that expensive goods don’t sell well in Korea. However, as a matter of fact, high value-added goods are sold at more expensive prices in Korea than in Japan. The existence of many undeveloped markets and the lack of competition are the main reasons. In addition, goods with high originality are also traded at high prices. There are cases where foreign goods are traded at prices that are three times as much.

In other words,
Korea is not only a country where the dramas and the actors are popular. It is also a country that is attractive as a marketplace for businesses.

Since our establishment, we have been focusing on “Korean language” and have accumulated know-how in many areas. Right now we are accepting corporate members and we would like to make contributions to “corporations that are related to Korea”.

【Member Benefits】・Free trail lessons(once per week×4 weeks)You may choose the month of your preference!
・You may choose the appropriate level according to your experience.
 ※For commuters and group lessons only
・We have various events every month, so you can meet more people outside your job.
・You get free e-mails from KOVA which includes a mini lesson and others as well.

We make arrangements for corporate classes (we dispatch teachers) as well as other arrangements according to your needs. You can enjoy many benefits as a member and right now the joining fee for corporate is ¥0!!

LOBROS Co., Ltd. 

NIGIRO, a café with a soothing atmosphere in Kichijoji
The entrance of LOBROS Jiyogaoka store which matches the greenery of the store
The fancy atmosphere of LOBROS Jiyugaoka
"Seasonal Fruit Salad with Blue Cheese Dip" is marvelous!
A popular dessert among males and females!
■■■ Deliver happiness through delicious food      ☆Your smile is what motivates us ■■■

◆The concept of our business is “tasty, healthy, and happy”. We aim to deliver happiness through giving more and more people the feeling they get when they eat delicious food at home or at restaurants. In addition, we hope to create the place where people can enjoy themselves as well as the place where we can develop talent that support us.
We are working hard at our “origins”, Kichijoji NIGIRO Café (a café which started with a booth) and LOBROS Jiyugaoka (Café and Dining), in order to serve delicious food and create a delightful atmosphere that will make our customers healthier and happier.

LOBROS Co., Ltd. 03-5413-0301
Recruitment Staff: Kurioka / Akiyama
URL: http://www.lobros.co.jp
You may also find staff profiles on the website.
If you look at check the profile, you can understand the atmosphere right away ☆

Company Profile
Corporate Name: LOBROS Co.,Ltd.

Date of Establishment: 2004/ 09/01

Capital: ¥10 million

Representative:Katsuro Sakai

Description of Business: operation of restaurants, cafés
Food service at companies, hospitals, and universities
Consulting business on restaurant management

Address: Hassei Building 2F, 3-24-23, Nishi Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Establishments: NIGIRO Café
Kichijoji Minamimachi 1-9-6, Musashino City, Tokyo

LOBROS Jiyugaoka
(Inside Jiyugaoka station)
A101, Okusawa 5-42-3, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Toriyoshi Shin-Okubo Branch

◆Have an evening drink in an atmosphere based on Japanese style!◆
Sauce of our own recipe and our specialty "deep-fried chicken wings"! The emergence of that famous restaurant!
Fancy Japanese-style Dishes
A wide and modern space near the station
We have courses with All-You-Can-Drink that are below ¥4000!
A refreshing cold dish featuring our famous steamed chicken. It goes well with green onions!
【A taste of our own recipe】
We use chickens that are approximately 1 month old and season them with more than 10 spices and a sauce of our own recipe.

A unique taste made with our own recipe and unique frying method!

【Our obsessiveness with the taste】
The "Kumiage Tofu" is made with domestically produced soybeans and natural bittern.
Condiments and soy sauce are served on the side, but the flavor is so rich that
you can enjoy it without anything.

【The Taste Everybody's Talking About】
We're loved by many entertainment artists and have been introduced by many TV programs.
Popular desserts include "Creme Brulee", "Doteyaki", and "Tenmusu".
Try them all some time!

If you bring in the free paper and say "Senseup",
you get a drink (under ¥500) for free!

【Sample Menu】

【Featured Menu】
○Featured food: Deep-Fried Chicken Wings of our own recipe
(Dolce, Medium-Spicy, Spicy)"
Deep-Fried Chicken Wings of our own recipe. Delicously fried ¥420

○ Tofu
We use domestically produced soybeans and hand make the tofu one by one.

【Fried Food with the Sauce of Our Own Recipe】
○ Deep-fried Liver
We finish the dish with the sauce of our own recipe.
○ Deep-fried Chicken Breast

【Specialty: Doteyaki】
○A taste of Nagoya, Doteyaki
Stewed beef tendon with akamiso ¥504
○Dote Dama
Boiiled egg stewed with Dote (fish) ¥158
【Extraordinary Dish】
○Fried Eggplants Dressed with Chicken Soboro and Miso
A delicious dish featuring the excellent combination of eggplants, ground chicken, and miso. ¥683
○ Cold Sliced and Boiled Black Pork with Ponzu
Try the vegetables and meat with yuzu pepper flavored Ponzu.

【Healthy Food】
○ Fried Green and Yellow Vegetables with salt and parched sesame seeds
Broccoli・French Beans・nap Peas・Green Beans
○ Cheese and Cracker with Shuto
Creamy ice-cream served with cracker ¥609

B1F, Sun Building, 2-4-1 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 〒169-0073

JR Shin Okubo Station: 10-sec walk
JR Chuo Line Okubo Station: 2-min walk

※When making an inquiry, please indicate that you heard about us through Senseup as it will be smoother.
Head Chef
Yu Taniguchi
Store Hours
17:00~ 04:00 (Last Order: 03:00)

Regular Holiday
New Year's Day

Average Budget
(per person)
¥3,500 (Average) ¥2,500 (Average for Parties)

Total Number of Seats
130 Seats

Maximum Number of People for Parties

Parking Lot

Credit Cards
VISA MASTER UC DC UFJ(Million) DinersClub
AmericanExpress JCB SAISON

We have private rooms as well