2024/05/29 04:45

It would be possible to reduce social costs by reviving the extended family system



Quoted from the article of BIG TALK between The  Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to Japan Dr. Khalil Bin Ebrahim Hassan and the founder of APA GROUP Mr Toshio Motoya in APPLE TOWN

It would be possible to reduce social costs by reviving the extended family system

Motoya Various good systems existed in Japan in the past, but the U.S. rapidly changed them after the war. I am carrying out activities to regain these things. One of the systems I want to revive is the extended family system. If three generations lived together, various types of knowledge could be passed down from parent to child and grandchild. And even if the parents worked, the grandparents could care for the children. Conversely, children and grandchildren could also take care of their elderly grandparents. However, right now things have progressed from the era of the nuclear family to the era of the so-called “individual family.” I think we should use taxes to encourage people to return to the extended family system.

Hassan I think so, too. The Economist compared and analyzed the economic situation in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. The conclusion is that Japan was healthier than the other two regions. However, one problem is that Japan’s traditional customs are disappearing. Looking at the current situation in Japan ? in which almost 25% of the population is age 65 or older ? it is foreseen that a large amount of money will be spent caring for these people. Perhaps one measure to resolve this problem would be the revival of the extended family system.

Motoya Yes. Japan was originally a tribal society centered on blood relations. I’ve heard the same thing applies to other places like the Middle East. However, the focus has shifted to individual families due to waves of Westernization, resulting in the creation of a high-cost society.

Hassan The doctrine of extended families is an important one. In Japan today it is a problem that people don’t often get married and have children. If the number of single elderly people increases, I think that society will be moved in a strange direction. It may be necessary to urgently promote the extended family principle.

Motoya Yes ? families would definitely become happier. Extended families would help resolve the problems of people who die alone or are homeless. Conversely, individual family divisions create increased costs and feelings of loneliness. In life there is nothing more important than family.

quoted from APPLE TOWN published by Mr Motoya founder of APA GROUP