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Welcome to Japan! Global Community


『Globalcommunity』 is now in its 13th year of publication as a web magazine for mutual communication between Japanese and Non-Japanese living in Japan.  We focus on the important news such as health, environment, and communication for the multicultural society.We will continue to make efforts without forgetting our original intentions.

Happy and Heart-warming news from Japan!!

7-1:Int'l students are very welcome for Japanese society ・・ The 10th International Red and White Singing Festival, which is authorized by the Japanese Ministry of a foreign affair, were held with the attention of the media, connecting the stage in Osaka with performers in Cebu, Bali, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo.


 7-2:****International Red-White Singing Festival(IRWS) SPECIAL****

2018IRWS interviews Jhoenel Alejandro Marquez from CEBU

The interview for contestants for irws2017 Kenichi
The interview for the contestants for IRWS 2017 MARIA MORALES
Zdravstvuite, everyone! Native Russian speaker that works as a voice actress in Japan, Jenya is here again!


[2023-12-02] EVENT IRWS2023 Singing event for int’l community in Japan
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