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A new guesthouse has opened in Kobe! It's located in a quiet residential area just 4 minutes from the train station.

A new guesthouse has opened in Kobe! It's located in a quiet residential area just 4 minutes from the train station.


I went to the grand opening of Oakhouse's first guesthouse in Kobe after receiving an invitation from Oakhouse, the industry leader in operating over 5000 guesthouses.

Oakhouse aims to make living alone enjoyable, and their guesthouse's standout feature is the large communal living space where residents can freely host parties.

Even though it's newly opened and has few residents, people from other guesthouses and nearby locals joined in for a fun get-together, featuring homemade tacos. Conversation flowed in Japanese, English, and Chinese, making it lively.

Additionally, Mr. Matsumoto from Oakhouse gave a presentation about Nada's sake, which even foreign participants enjoyed as their first experience with Japanese sake.

As someone who has experienced similar parties in guesthouses and shared flats in London and Melbourne, I found such experiences valuable for making friends and connections in societies where individualism is emphasized.

Though still uncommon in Japan, I hope the casual culture of guesthouses becomes more widespread.

This property is also recommended for women. It's conveniently close to the station and situated in a very peaceful residential area, offering a safe environment to live in.

--- Announcement from Grand Kobe ---

Grand Kobe, featuring 42 furnished rooms with amenities like a theater, gym, study room, and spacious kitchen, will open in March 2024! Located in the tranquil residential area of Uozaki Kitamachi, it's just a minute's walk from the Sumiyoshi River, originating from Mount Rokko, known for its pristine waters. Taking a stroll along its banks, you'll find your spirit refreshed by the gentle murmur of water and the presence of wild birds. We're currently recruiting opening members! Why not join us in creating a shared house while engaging in international and community exchanges?


Grand Kobe 






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Why don’t you learn some new language?  jenya column 3

Why don’t you learn some new language?
I will tell you some language learning advice today.

It is already spring, so fast. I was born in March, so spring is my favorite season. Somehow you get vigorous in spring and can do your best from now, right?
In Japan it is new school year from April. Doesn’t it make you want to learn something new?
Sports or getting new haircut, or learn something, spring is perfect for that!
Of course, I recommend you to study Russian.
Actually, from April NHK’s TV program “Russian on TV” is going renewal. And I am going to be there as one of regular members. Can’t wait for the broadcast.

For studying new language, one needs an occasion or chance. And also, strong motivation. “Why do you want to remember it?”
In my case, it was “Sailor Moon”. I was impressed by the sound of words I never heard before. and I thought “I want to speak like this someday”. Yes, you need to connect your study with your favorite things and have fun studying. It can be movie or music or any other cultural aspect. Of course, communication is important too! Now in this net world, it is easy to make online friends too.
And also, you would need a patience. You won’t learn a language in few months. It is scary. But that is why it is so exciting and challenging! After you achieve it, the sensation is great. May be, now you can use only simple words, but believe in yourself. You can do it.
And, also an advice from foreign language voice actress as myself - perfect your pronunciation. It helps you communicate even more than perfect grammar. Perfect it once and it will stay with you all the time. If you have some sounds that won’t come right, listen to movie or music and copy them.
Speaking many languages makes your life more rich, and helps you to get more jobs too. Also, as you get to know more and more, achievement feeling is priceless. It is not only about language, but any thing - the more you study it, the more is ahead you.  It doesn’t matter how old are you to begin to study. I am rooting for you! ^^

Today’s little corner  “Sweets to you” #2

Now hot in Tokyo - pancakes!
There is pancake only cafe and also “Pancakes started” shops too!
Fluffy and sweet happiness. Most of them in Harajuku and Omotesando area, but lately you can find them in Shinjuku too. Be careful, you may have to wait in line! This ricotta pancakes is from famous “bills” restaurant. Delicious!

kumamon the idol for kumamoto prefecture



クマモン ヒストリー



『Kumamon is the idol not only for Kumamoto pref ,he enjoys the popularity nation-wide.  But we don't know how he became so popular.

Let's see how he manage to do it.