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Eye-opening possibilities of atomic hydrogen water

Eye-opening possibilities of Atomic hydrogen water 

Hydrogen-rich water, especially Atomic hydrogen water, has received media attention for its health benefits. We interviewed Professor Shirahata at Kyushu University who is at the frontline of the research in this field.

Sanetaka Shirahata, professor of Bioscience and Biotechnology at Kyushu University

Shirahata has studied the beneficial effects of  Atomic hydrogen water for over thirty years. He delivered a series of lectures and participated in a collaborative research on Atomic hydrogen water at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.

Q: What made you think of studying "Atomic hydrogen"? What is the significance of this?

A: I took over the study from the previous researcher at my institute. There are not so many researchers who study water probably because it is the most abundant substance on earth and always within our reach.

Water is quite important for cells. I believe water has healing effects like "the water of Lourdes", and my belief kept me work on the study of "Atomic hydrogen" for a long time.

Recent studies show that  Atomic hydrogen water increases cell activation and has a positive impact on health. It may be introduced as one of natural remedies following the shift towards integrated care.

I am particularly interested in Atomic hydrogen, which acts as the antioxidant defenses of the cancer cell. The study is still new and requires further research. More studies have been done for molecular hydrogen, but this is not effective for preventing cancer. On the other hand, Atomic hydrogen acts as a reducing agent and thus is lethal to cancer cells. If Atomic hydrogen can be taken into the body, that will be a revolutionary change in the field of cancer treatment. Medical practitioners are concerned about side effects of chemotherapy, and the increasing shift towards integrated care is seen in the US and Europe where conventional medicine is highly developed. Introduction of Atomic hydrogen water would be well appreciated in the field of Clinical Oncology.

Q: I believe Atomic hydrogen water is quite important. How come there are not that many researchers who study this field?

right side Prof. Shirahata

A: "The water of Lourdes" is one of the well known healing water, but there is no scientific explanation for the beneficial forces concentrated in the water. It may be hard to follow the idea that Atomic hydrogen water increases cell activation and prevents cancer, because water is an abundant substance. It's been more than 15 years since the importance of natural treatments is highlighted in the US, but I don't think the idea is not recognized by the general public in Japan. We should cooperate with medical institutions and organizations to advocate the effectiveness of Atomic hydrogen water. Once the general public deepens their understanding of water, researchers will receive more funding and have enough budget to keep their study.

Q: What did you present at the home of the Nobel Assembly, Karolinska Institutet in Sweden? We'd like to know more about Atomic hydrogen water which has positive effects not only on the human body but also on plants.

A: I was invited to Karolinska Institutet by Sten Orrenius, professor emeritus, in 2007, where I talked about the health benefits of Atomic hydrogen water. I have reported the progress of the study at the seminar in 2009. I believe the study of Atomic hydrogen water for cancer prevention was well acknowledged. In 2013, we presented a hypothesis, "Water as a source and stock of hydrogen and electron energies". If this theory is scientifically proven, it becomes clear that water stores energy and is deeply connected to life energy. This will also prove another hypothesis that water is a living substance that has memory.

Atomic hydrogen water has positive effects on plants and soil as it increases cell activation. It will help reduce pesticides use if  Atomic hydrogen water is effectively used. This means we need to change our approach of our study to broaden the use in medical and agricultural fields, to make the most use out of  Atomic hydrogen water. This need of the change in the current system should be understood by everybody including those who are not expert in science, medical and agricultural fields. Our mission is to introduce healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle that encourages to minimize the use of conventional medicine and pesticides.

It is challenging to keep the study of water because results of its study could possibly change the history of science and medical bioscience. Scientists need to be courageous enough to reveal a new fact that goes against our common knowledge. A number of medical practitioners and scientists feel that conventional medicine and materialism are already cliché. We need a system that supports scientists like Prof. Shirahata who challenges the new field of study.







Russian home jenya column

ロシアの家 ジェーニャ コラム

The other day, there was an episode about Russian figure skater, Plushenko’s house on Japanese TV. Gorgeous place that even Russians are amazed of.


But, normal Russian’s house is kind of simple. At Khrushchev’s era, a lot of “Khrushchevka” apartments were built and small 6 square meters kitchen is a sign of that times. While Russia is famous for its wideness, houses are not that different from Japan. 

o, in this matter Japan is closer to Russia than US and Europe. Everyone is dreaming about big pretty house, this dream is the same for the whole world. By the way, in Russia you have to take your shoes off when enter the house, same as Japan.

To speak of difference, Russian love to have guests. Even if you met Russian for the first time, be sure, if he invites you, he means it. It is not out of politeness, and you have to visit!

Still, Russians are pretty shy, so first time is kind of awkward for them. But from the second time you met, you are already the best friends!

Russians are also great at hospitality. Even if they have nothing left to eat tomorrow, they’ll still take out the best of their fridge to please you. Russians prefer kitchen to living to chat with friends while getting tea or beer. 

If one day you will get an invitation to Russian house, please come. You’ll have a great time!



Hi, how are you? Jenya is really “genki”!

Hi, how are you? Jenya is really “genki”!

Autumn is everywhere. I didn’t like autumn when I lived in Russia, but living in Japan for a long time made me fond of autumn. It is the season of cutest clothes and finest food. Japanese people really love autumn season, so may be I became Japanese too?
I’ve been thinking a lot about my identity lately. Am I a Russian, or Japanese?

This September, I went to Russia for the first time in 4 years. I’ve met my family and friends, I worked and even was able to visit my best friend wedding, it was eventful trip. 

And yet, I felt uneasy being in Russia. While being Russian, I felt like I am different and somehow I do look different too. I speak Russian naturally, but when I hit something I say “Itai!”, in Japanese.

Here is famous department store in Moscow’s Red Square, GUM. Many foreigners go there. I loved there back then I was living in Moscow.
When I went there this time, I felt so calm. I thought, may be I am a foreigner now.

To the flight back to Japan, I said to cabin attendant that I have residence card, and he said to me - “I can tell”! I don’t look as someone who lives in Russia anymore. I think it about face’s expression. I was happy about it, but in the same time, a little bit sad too.

And, you know, there was a person on the plane who said to me “You are that girl who does anime in Japan, Jenya, right?” There are people in Russia who can recognize me too! So happy to know!

I want to find my identity. I am sure that people who live in foreign country, and even people who came to Tokyo from regions - they can understand my feelings. 

Well, may be, your place is there you live?


Today’s sweets!

Sweets from Russia!  Sugar-coated cranberries

There is a fresh cranberry in sugar coating! Juice is popping out in your mouth when you chew it. Usually cranberry is pretty sour, but thanks to sugar, balance is good!


I am going to participate in International Anime Song event as MC and even sing a few songs!
 Please, come! 
AniCrush!!! vol.2 (東京・秋葉原)mogra秋葉原 2013年12月1日(日)15:00~

1st of December, from 15:00~ at mogra Akihabara
Look for the details here

津軽三味線で世界の人たちと交流していきたい スタントメソッドを学んで  NO.19

授業の中で悟った母の想い   スタントメソッドを学んで  NO.18

スタントメソッドを学んで  no.19










  Believe and perform earnestly, there will be a new way ahead.


Celebration party for her successful job hunting(Left:Ms. Xia Su:Middle:Professor Soetanto)

This is exactly the third year for us to report “Soetanto Method” and “Soetanto Effect”. We have interviewed many students who learned “Soetanto Method”about “how to improve their motivation” Recently an international student has shown amazing “Soetanto Effect” at her job hunting.


Without special experience, it is very difficult to be employed in Japan if one is over 40 years old, let alone for a foreign woman. Ms. Xia Su was a Chinese student at Waseda Graduate School who was fascinated with the “Soetanto Method” and was supporting professor Soetanto’s class as TA (Teachers Assistant). Hoping to find a job somehow in Japan, Ms. Su kept on sending about one hundred job applications.
(Ms. Xia Su as a TA with students)

For reality, even progressing to an interview was difficult. Ms. Xia Su became anxious. But she deeply believes the fate can be changed if one thinks about people’s viewpoints; people will be touched if one performs "GIVE GIVE GIVE" earnestly. She continued the job-hunting activities, but not a single answer came. The effort bore fruit when she was called to the interview by a major logistics company.
Ms. Su had to give up job hunting in Japan if she could not get this job offer. She attended the interview being aware of what she could serve for the other party, which had being practiced as one of Soetanto Methods daily.
 Then the miracle happened. Ms. Su’s effort of trying to be helpful to people was highly commented. As a foreigner, she was observed to "have a way of Japanese thoughtful thinking". Despite she applied for an ordinary position, Ms. Su was warmly welcomed as a senior management treatment. Thus she became the only female foreign senior management in the company. Her friends, family and she herself were very much surprised by this result.
Ms. Su had suffered from depression for many years. Until a few years ago she took medicine to somehow maintain calm. She disliked herself being such a person. Ms. Su attended professor Soetanto’s seminar by chance. Knowing what professor Soetanto had been putting effect in, she realized that egocentricity made her the dark person. It turned out that people were kept a distance from her.

“Maybe this is the last chance to change own character”. Ms. Su began to positively think how to contribute to the people around her and performed them one by one. She read the books about “Soetanto Method” written by professor Soetanto again and again as her "Bible". Her character became bright and everyday life delightful. She stopped the medicines which had been taken for 25 years. This is a rare case for those who suffered from mental illness such as depression like her could recover completely. Originally Ms. Su had talents in different fields. She began to write poetry in Chinese. She started China Study Group with other sponsors, also organized Business English Study Group. She changed dramatically and began to sincerely “serve the people". People around her became more and more fascinated by her zeal. By studying “Soetanto Method” eagerly, Ms. Su mastered “how to control the motivation”, and came to understand well the intention of other people.

 It is hard to believe a person who suffered from depression till a few years ago could change like this….Believe in the "words" of the person who respects, and perform with all one's heart, it is possible to change the character at any age. Ms. Su's successful job hunting might be that to happen rather than a miracle.