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The popular sushi-making "Nigiri Sushi Experience" was held at Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka.


During International Student Week 2022 "11/12-11/20", the popular sushi-making "Nigiri Sushi Experience" was held at Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka.

International students from all over the world enjoyed the first experience of their lifetime.

(Challenging sushi using conger eel and cucumber from Osaka)

The custom of eating raw fish has spread around the world as sushi became popular worldwide.

you can find sushi restaurants all over the world, but the experience of making it is very valuable.

Making sushi was an unforgettable and valuable experience for international students studying in Japan.

At first, they practiced making sushi with chikuwa(fishcake) over and over again, and when they got the hang of it, they use real fish.

(Korean students of Tsuji Culinary Institute helping int'l students to experience making sushi)

Int'l students who are learning about Japanese cuisine experience the role of a teacher.

They were conveying the charm of Japanese food from the same int'l student's point of view.

'Experience making sushi and arranging them beautifully'

It was delicious together with red dashi made from the best Ichiban-dashi (first brewing of soup stock)

The student from the United States enjoying the experience

European female international students are enthusiastic about making sushi!!

 Vietnamese student "Well done even for the first time"

Chinese student ' Challenge sushi business in the future? '

Sushi is booming even in the Islamic world!

Malaysian student says ' it was easier than I thought. '

We were treated to sushi made by international students.

The conger eel was also excellent.

Thank you to all the senior international students and teachers at Tsuji Culinary Institute for the great assistance.

  (Gratitude from participating international students)


“Washoku: traditional food culture of the Japan” has been designated as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Japanese cuisine can be said as the culmination of Japanese culture, such as its cooking method, presentation, and beauty of tableware,

If you are familiar with Japanese culture

Off course you all know "Sushi SUSHI" and "Tempura TEMPURA".

Through this kind of "nigiri sushi" experience, Hopefully the awareness of Japanese food culture spread among international students.

Considering as Int'l exchange program, this "Nigiri sushi experience", of students of Tsuji Culinary Institute and int'l students have the potential to become a new type of entertainment, where you can eat the sushi you made.

There is also another entertaining tempura-making experience in December.


The 10th International Red and White Singing Festival (IRWS) were held by connecting 5 countries  


The 10th International Red and White Singing Festival (IRWS)

were held by connecting 5 countries  

Japanese sing in a foreign language, Non-Japanese sing in Japanese, 

IRWS is a new way to promote mutual understanding of different cultures by singing


《Date and time》 November 20, 2021, 15: 30-18: 30

《Place》 Hagoromo Gakuen / Lecture Hall 1-11-57 Higashihagoromo,

Takaishi City, Osaka 592-0003

<< Authorized by >> 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau,

ASEAN-Japan Centre.

The Association of Nikkei & Japanese Abroad

 << Sponsored by>> 

『TopTop real estate company in Ota-Ward in Tokyo』 

City Housing Co., Ltd. 

『Grow and Learn together with Social Residence』

Oak House Co., Ltd.


**Partner companies/organizations**

Ichi Co., Ltd.

Global Trust Networks Co., Ltd. 

Eisei Hospital, 

Japan Mental and Physical Function Activation Therapy Instructor Association


 << Organizer >> International Red and White Singing Festival Executive Committee

This event is held as the venue of called "International Student Week" (sponsored by the International Student Support Consortium Osaka), which is the first in Japan, starting from November 13 to 20 to deepen exchanges between international students and Japanese people. It was held online by connecting the stage in Osaka and Cebu, Bali, Sao Paulo, Tokyo.


*Number of event participants

Approximately 150 participants (Hagoromo Gakuen Auditorium, Osaka)

Participants from 13 countries and regions including Indonesia, Nepal, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Inner Mongolia, China, Russia, Brazil, Japan.

*The number of viewers:

Approximately 1000 in real-time. Access has continued to grow, reaching 2500 counts (as of Dec 15th). By December 22, an e-mail newsletter will be delivered to 15,000 people in Japanese and English. Therefore, it is expected to be accessed about 10000 counts as a whole by the end of the year.


MC is Sunny Francis, a former international student from India. And he is  Kansai's popular TV/radio personality who has been in Japan for 35 years. Ryoko Yuasa, a 4th year student at Kwansei Gakuin University, acted as an assistant.

MC , Sunny Francis, and Ryoko Yuasa emphasized:

『Only one thing we want your favor. please send big applause and cheers to performers』

『IRWS is not for competition. IRWS is for praise for all performers 』

The opening started with "Asian Gateway Osaka", a cheering song for IRWS in Osaka, and it was followed by  "Smile and HAPPY VOICE".composed for Japanese learners.


After that, the student from Myanmar sang "365 days of paper airplanes" and "nada so so" in Japanese, and Japanese participants sang Korean, Thai, Swedish, and English songs. 

Chairman Mizohata of the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau also sang "WE ARE THE WORLD" with international students to encourage them.



    The IRWS 2018 Cebu winner (Philippines)     The IRWS 2018 in Bali winner (Indonesia)  

In the second half, the IRWS 2018 in Bali winner (Indonesia), the 2018 Cebu winner (Philippines), Sao Paulo (Brazil), and Tokyo were connected and introduced, 

Prepared videos of the guest singers were played at the venue, and they were so happy to see them. Keisha (17 years old) is already active as a singer and wants to study music in Japan.


Although unofficial, a pre-exchange meeting was held only for online participants, although performers who have geographically separated, made good friends by sharing their interest in Japan and listening to each other's songs.

TV coverage began a few days before the show, and three cameras were on the day, and many overseas participants were interviewed. It seems that it would have been a good memory for the participants.

This time, the state of emergency was lifted one and a half months before the event, so most of the participants' adjustments and volunteer meetings were done online. live-streaming on YOUTUBE was also done.

We plan to hold regular online social gatherings with the participating members and volunteers to promote efforts to shorten the physical distance and create a friendly  IRWS community online for next year.

 Special guest from Philippines


“polar” (Ashely & Faith)  graduated from the popular group MNL48 (Philippines version of AKB48) also took into consideration their activities in Japan, and for this day, they practiced Japanese songs and made a friendship appearance online.

Special guest from Tokyo 

Miho Ogata (緒方美穂) World tour of Folk song:Turkey version) She is the main vocalist of the group called 『ORINOVIVO』, which plays world folk songs of more than 25 countries. Their concert is said to be The world tour of folk song music.

Two online participants from San Paulo, Brazil


In addition, there were two online participants from Brazil this time, but they learned about this event and participated with the introduction of the Nikkei Karaoke Association (registered members of about 100,000) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

We had a lot of online meetings in advance with Mr. Ebihara, who has been the representative for 25 years since the Asso. was founded. In the future, we confirmed that we will create closer relationships with each other. We will continue to interact with each other in order to have representatives at each event. São Paulo is also a sister city of Osaka,

We hope to promote "song exchange" with Sao Paulo, Brazil, the home country of many Japanese Emigrants, and create an atmosphere where many people will come to Japan at the 2025 Osaka Expo.


●Media coverage


1: national newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun (21st Nov)


2:FM Kobe KISSFM Interviewed at “ VANDY what's going on”(7th Nov)

  Mc Sunny Francias’  radio program at Radio ABC (14th & 21th Nov)


3:Internet media: Kansai Chiniese Times ,kabun jihou,zaikei newspaper,and many others


4: TV Tokyo 『YOUは何しに日本へ』( What do you want to do in Japan?)

  Very popular long-lasting TV program    ( On Air date is not fixed yet.)

TV crew brought 3 cameras and spent 3 days taking a movie, many Non-japanese contestants have been interviewed. They had very good memorable experiences.

The int'l Red-White Singing Festival In Cebu Ayala center on 6th Aug



I would like to invite my friends in Visayas once again, especially those who are in CEBU, to please join this event which will be held in AYALA Center in August. this is a very awesome experience! Those who can sing Japanese songs are very much welcome! 



The 2016 World Water Week will address sustainable growth through the lens of inclusiveness, equity and shared benefits.


Opening Plenary Session

The 2016 World Water Week will address sustainable growth through the lens of inclusiveness, equity and shared benefits. It is our intention that the Opening Plenary will inspire delegates to reflect over sustainable growth concepts and practice.


Speakers will deliberate upon the importance of water for sustainable growth; what it implies and demands from the global community. Speakers will also consider the role of water for achieving coherent implementation of Agenda 2030 and the Paris agreement.


Ms. Margot Wallström
Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sweden

Mr. Angel Gurría
Secretary-General, OECD

Ms. Charlotte Petri-Gornitzka
Director General, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)

Dr. Nkosozana Dlamini-Zuma  (tbc)
Chair, African Union

Ms. Charafat Afailal
Minister Delegate to the Minister of Energy, Mining, Water and the Environment, for Water, Morocco

Ms. Naina Lal Kidwai
Chair, FICCI Water Mission and Chair, India Sanitation Coalition

H.E. Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson
President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Vatican

Ms. Charlotte Petri-Gornitzka
Director General, Swedish International Development Agency

Prof. Kevin Chika Urama
Senior Advisor to the President of the African Development Bank

Ms. Karin Wanngård
Mayor of Stockholm

Ms. Claire Reid
Chief Impact Officer and Founder of Reel Gardening and Winner of Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2003


The 6th Red-White Singing Festival contestants ,volunteers wanted!!


The 6th Red-White Singing Festival       


Make entry  now  for contestants ,volunteers/

第6回 国際紅白歌合戦  参加者・協力団体・ボランテイア募集中!!


National holiday 10th Octoerber 16:00-21:00

National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (near yoyogi park)

 国立オリンピック記念青少年総合センター・大ホール  16:00-21:00


The International Red-White Singing Festival 



The  International Red-White Singing Festival


―Japanese sing in foreign language , Non-Japanese sing in Japanese to show the respect for different culture.






2011 1st Contest https://www.yokosojapan.net/article.php/red-whitesinging_feature_en


Saturday 22nd NOV. 2014 OSAKA May theater 

Saturday 29th NOV. 2014 TOKYO National Olympic center

Performers from ALL OVER THE WORLD and Volunteers are wanted!!






《Date》Saturday 31th August  2013 14:00-18:30  (13:30 open )
《Place》 Osaka International House Large Hall

2-6 Uehommachi 8-chome, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543-0001

Tel: 06-6773-8989  Open:9:00 ~ 17:30



《Date》Sunday 15th September 2013 17:00-21:30  (16:30 open )
《Place》  National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (NYC) Large Hall
3-1. Yoyogi Kamizono-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0052 TEL. +81-3-3469-2525



《AUTHORIZED》 Japan Tourism Agency       Wakayama Broadcasting and more


  This event aims for better understanding among all nationalities living in Japan by singing Japanese sing in foreign language and Non-japanese sing in Japanese.Let's enjoy singing and dancing with all performers.

Many of Non-japanese residents and International students in Japan are struggling to brighten up Japanese society with their efforts. INTERNATIONAL RED-WHITE  SINGING FESTIVAL aims for new type of event which Non-japanese and Japanese help each other to organize. We hope Japan would be better place to live for Japanese and also Non-Japanese residents who are the contributors for Japanese society.

organized by:multicultural exchange magazine 『globalcommunity』、『shimto』『月刊留学生』『日本僑報社』『hiraganatimes』、『immigrants』・Fukushima media village・NEWCOM CO LTD,and other foreign media in JAPAN

NPO在日外国人情報センター NPO多文化家庭支援センター日中児童交流協会ガルーダサポーターズ山元学校財団法人アジア会館国書日本語学校㈱言語サービス各国留学生会・国際協力団体・NPONGO・一般企業など多数(予定含む。)


Performers from ALL OVER THE WORLD

Volunteers are wanted!!

 send information below as soon as possible

①A Place  OSAKA or TOKYO
①Name/Nationality/Mother Tongue/ student or non-student
②type of volunteers
③number of volunteers
④e-mail address
⑤mobile phone nomber
⑥your selling points
 Kazumi Miyazaki
070-5653-1493  globalcommunity21@gmail.com 


to reserve the tickets for TOKYO  15th SEPTEMBER


to reserve the tickets for OSAKA 31st AUGUST




have a nice chat with many Japanese sake lovers.



Have a nice chat with many Japanese sake lovers.

Let's enjoy the finest quality sake directly from sake brewery.
This is the first workshop to learn and experience about Japanese sake,
Owner of the the traditional sake brewery comes from his local town,Mashiko city in Tochigi Pref.
He would talk the secret ,how to make good quality sake in Japan.
After the workshop you could enjoy  the selected  quality sake and nice food which goes with sake well.
DATE:  JUNE  3rd,SUNDAY  13:00-16:00
PLACE:Setagaya monozukuri school
2-4-5 ikejiri setagaya-ku tokyo   http://setagaya-school.net/about/access/
FEE:2000yen per person
1:Introducing the short film of  the tour to learn how to make sake  from paddy field.
2:The brewery owners talk   the Secret of brewing traditional Japanese sake
3:Enjoy sake and food as well as  the artistic beautiful small sake cup which make sake taste better.
Please have nice talk with many Japanese sake lovers.


mashiko tour with mashiko family



 mashiko tour with mashiko family


We helped local people at the direct sales store. It prospered as if trying to overcome the tragedy.

A clock which was on display near the bath in the Japanese-style hotel.
It says that "Don't care about your failure, we are just human being" by famous artist Mituo Aida. I felt this as a positive message to the people of Masyuko even though they were damaged by the earthquake.


This is the picture making riceball by Masyuko's rice.
We learned that making just a simple riceball needs technique.
Since we were hungry, everyone ate too much till they become full.
by Tsuyoshi Taniguchi

One weekend in Mashiko with mashiko family




益子 - One weekend in Mashiko

With Mashiko family!!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to be part of a Tour to Mashiko(益子). This city, located in the Tochigi prefecture, is known as the “city of ceramic arts” in Japan and also a widely known city for fans of ceramic arts from all over the world. However, due to the great earthquake disaster in eastern Japan, Mashiko suffers from great damages, that are unforeseeable yet. Ceramic works, including the valuable existing and other facilities for the creation of pottery kiln were damaged from the devastating earthquake in Mashiko. In addition Mashiko suffers because of rumors concerning the nuclear accident at Fukushima.
To help the people in Mashiko and to reflate the tourism in this area, the “Mashiko Fun Tour” was created. Let me tell you about an incredible weekend far away from the big cities with their skylines and the busy streets.

The tour started on Saturday morning at 9 am. We were 36 people from six different countries and of all ages. After around three hours on the road we stopped at Ichigodanchi (イチゴ団地), a part of Mashiko, which is famous for the growing of strawberries. An experienced tour guide explained the characteristics of Ichigodanchi and how a really good strawberry has to look like. After the speech it was time to taste the delicious strawberries.
Next stop was our accommodation in Mashiko, where the next highlight was waiting for the group. For lunch we created Onigiri on our own and to be honest, that were the most delicious Onigiris, which I’ve ever tasted. Really special and completely different from the ones you can buy at the Konbinis. After lunchtime we had a long walk around Mashiko to visit several potteries shops and to enjoy the beautiful landscape.
After the walk we enjoyed a tasty dinner together with some locals from Mashiko. Everybody introduced himself to the group and shared his first impressions of this beautiful spot. We learned more about the art of producing fine potteries and sake. Only the best rice and water were used for the fabulous sake, that we were allowed to taste. For me the best sake I’ve tasted so far. After dinner there was plenty of time for interesting and nice conversations. The first day of our tour ended late, but was full of satisfaction and a very good feeling.

On Sunday we started with a traditional Japanese breakfast, before we went once again experienced the fine potteries arts of Mashiko. There were always new incredible potteries to see and so many ways to create them. Another highlight just waited for us, because we could take part in the production process and join the locals, while they kilned new potteries or just pace through the festival. We got the chance to buy some potteries, enjoying the delicious foods or tasting ice cream and cakes made out of soba. Something I haven’t tasted before.

At 14.30 pm we took part at the remembrance ceremony for the victims of the earthquake one year ago. At 14.47 pm (the time when the earthquake hit Japan one year ago) the monks chimed the bell of the temple. The ceremony was accompanied by a wind ensemble and a taiko group (太鼓). For me the first time to see a taiko group and I was really impressed by the accuracy and the devotion of this performance.
After the remembrance ceremony we left Mashiko. But before we really went back home, we had the chance to buy some of the strawberry products of Ichigodanchi and the fine sake distillery. On the way home everybody on the bus had the chance to take a résumé of the trip and share his impressions with the others. No wonder, that everybody was absolutely satisfied and deeply touched by this very unique tour away from all the ordinary tourist activities. Mashiko really left a permanent impression and I can just highly recommend to everybody to visit Mashiko. This city with its own charm is definitely worth a journey.
reported by Andreas Steiner internship students for globalcommunity


for the tourist to mashiko