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[2024-03-04] EVENT Kyoto Music Festival 2024 Connecting people through heartfelt songs
[2023-12-02] EVENT IRWS2023 Singing event for int’l community in Japan
[2022-11-21] EVENT The popular sushi-making "Nigiri Sushi Experience" was held at Tsuji Culinary Institut...
[2021-12-16] EVENT The 10th International Red and White Singing Festival (IRWS) were held by connecting 5 countries  
[2017-07-08] EVENT The int'l Red-White Singing Festival In Cebu Ayala center on 6th Aug
[2016-08-31] EVENT The 2016 World Water Week will address sustainable growth through the lens of inclusiveness, equi...
[2016-06-20] EVENT The 6th Red-White Singing Festival contestants ,volunteers wanted!!
[2013-09-19] EVENT The 3rd Internatrional red-white singing contest is in osaka event calender
[2013-04-06] EVENT The International Red-White Singing Festival 
[2012-05-29] EVENT have a nice chat with many Japanese sake lovers.
[2012-03-23] EVENT mashiko tour with mashiko family
[2012-03-14] EVENT One weekend in Mashiko with mashiko family
[2012-03-13] EVENT an international dance day festival 「Folklore」 4月29日
[2012-03-10] EVENT Thanks! with You in MASHIKO FUN TOUR
[2011-12-11] EVENT Let's study about Meiji Revolution !!
[2011-11-27] EVENT Change in Osaka = Change for Japan?
[2011-10-05] EVENT The Shamisen Lesson for beginners & tourists.
[2011-07-05] EVENT Fukushima International Media Village
[2011-05-29] EVENT TEDxTokyo  Enter the Unknown
[2011-05-10] EVENT Support International students
[2011-02-21] EVENT Let's enjoy dancing together !
[2010-07-16] EVENT International Peace Culture Forum
[2009-06-06] EVENT Billi-bowl" is a mixed word of "billiard" and "bowling,
[2009-04-12] EVENT significance of the Tokyo 2016 Olympic bid
[2009-04-01] EVENT Tokyo Committed to Carbon-Minus Games
[2009-04-01] EVENT Make Mount Fuji as a World Heritage site
[2008-07-08] EVENT let's enjoy dancing together
[2008-05-28] EVENT With Linking East Asian Future -LEAF- ?
[2008-05-20] EVENT Articles of 2008 April issue
[2008-03-25] EVENT A student organization from Seoul
[2008-02-27] EVENT SENSEUP February ISSUE  
[2007-11-30] EVENT ★International Free Papar 10★
[2007-11-30] EVENT Ginza Yossou
[2007-11-30] EVENT Now, students are working on
[2007-11-30] EVENT Multicultural delivery2
[2007-09-27] EVENT What’s Food Analyst?TsurutontanInterview
[2007-07-26] EVENT The Pioneer that Contributes to Multiculturalism in the Field of Medicine
[2007-07-02] EVENT Club of Children and Students(CCS)
[2007-06-29] EVENT International event senseup news
[2007-06-28] EVENT Kyojyukon
[2007-06-28] EVENT SKIP D-Cinema FESTIVAL 2007!!
[2007-06-28] EVENT Japanese and Korean Law School Students
[2007-06-28] EVENT The housing situation in Japan
[2007-06-22] EVENT Housing Situation for a Multicultural Era
[2007-06-22] EVENT BJ-league
[2007-05-27] EVENT Home-stay in Japan
[2006-12-11] EVENT Everyone, come and visit Yamamoto school!

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