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The mission of Multicultural Magazine GLOBAL COMMUNITY






In its 14th year of publication, GLOBAL COMMUNITY sets forth the following objectives:

  1. Tourism Hub: Aim to attract 40 million international tourists by the year 2020!

    • Link to More Information
    • Actively engaging in the Visit Japan Campaign by the Japan Tourism Agency, Global Community spearheads media operations.
  2. Open Education in Japan:

    • Targeting the reception of 300,000 international students by 2020.
    • More information from "Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology"
  3. Multicultural Families:

    • In major urban centers, 1 in 10 couples embraces international unions. More information 
    • Initiating efforts towards the complete immersion of high school English classes. More information 

The contemporary world hurtles towards rapid internationalization, and Japan stands no exception. GLOBAL COMMUNITY dedicates itself to supporting both Japanese and foreign individuals striving to shape a society in Japan that is inviting for residence, exploration, and education.

Be it in workplaces, educational institutions, or local communities, forging collaborative bonds with those from diverse cultural backgrounds is increasingly paramount. GLOBAL COMMUNITY envisions itself as a communication catalyst for fostering mutual understanding during these interactions.

The editorial team, comprising individuals with extensive experiences residing abroad, actively champions international and Japanese students alike. Japanese team members approach their responsibilities with a mindset of "respecting diverse cultures" and a constant awareness of "collaboration beyond national boundaries for the achievement of significant goals."

Despite the challenging journey ahead, ongoing support and comprehension from all quarters are deeply appreciated.


Achievements of GLOBAL COMMUNITY

  1. Support for Visit Japan Campaign: Since before the establishment of the Japan Tourism Agency, GLOBAL COMMUNITY has actively endorsed the Visit Japan Campaign. Since April 2009, it has published multilingual free papers and maintained a website focusing on mutual understanding between Japanese locals and international students. Explore the official site here.               

  2. GC Student Interpreter Volunteer Guide: Established in 2009, this initiative organized student interpreter volunteers. In April of the same year, they collaborated with the Olympic Bid Committee, providing volunteer interpretation support during the four-week stay of the IOC Bid Committee in Japan. The activity base then shifted to the Meiji Shrine, guiding foreign tourists. As of 2023, the registered volunteers exceed 300.       

                                  "Japan, Advocating Peace and Pioneering the International Stage for the Abolition of Racial Discrimination" Link to the article                                Check out their regular activities held twice a month since July 2021 at Osaka Castle and Hokoku Shrine here.

  3. Internship Program for International Students: From 2010 to 2019, GLOBAL COMMUNITY proposed and operated an internship program for international students, organized by the Japan Rental Housing Management Association. This pioneering effort involved industry-wide collaboration, supporting approximately 200 long-term internships for international students. It garnered understanding from numerous real estate executives, contributing to easing housing issues for foreigners in Japan. Learn more here.

  4. Considering the Potential of Takashimadaira Danchi for Nursing Exchange Students: In 2009, under the theme "Considering the Potential of Toshima Hirari Danchi for Nursing Exchange Students," the representative, Mr. Miyazaki, made a presentation.

    Read more about it here.

  5. Pair Internship for International and Japanese Students (Supported by the Japan Tourism Agency): In 2012 and 2013, GLOBAL COMMUNITY organized and operated pair internships for international and Japanese students. This initiative aimed at fostering information dissemination techniques for regional revitalization. Students paired up, learned various methods and contributed to promoting regions through multilingual information dissemination. Explore their work here.               

  6. International Red and White Singing Festival(IRWS): Since 2011, GLOBAL COMMUNITY has been organizing the "International Red and White Singing Festival" where Japanese individuals sing in foreign languages, and foreigners sing in Japanese. Supported by various organizations, including the Japan Tourism Agency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan-ASEAN Center, and Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the event has gained media coverage from NHK, Mainichi Shimbun, Jiji Press, and multilingual media in nine languages. The event has been held annually until 2019, with collaborations in Osaka (2013-2014), Cebu (2017-2018), and Bali (2018) alongside local communities.

    The 11th International Red and White Singing Festival is registered as an event for the Osaka Minoh City Expo in 2023. Details can be found here, and the official site is http://irws.org.

    Learn more about the goals of the International Red and White Singing Festival here.                               

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The Age of Hydrogen and the Health Re​​​​​​​volution "Inconvenient Truth and Hydrogen"


The Age of Hydrogen and the Health Revolution and "Inconvenient Truth and Hydrogen"



The Age of Hydrogen and the Health Revolution

 The war against  the pandemic new coronavirus for Western nations such as the United States, Italy, Spain, and France needs " Urban Blockade '' which is protecting people's lives even at the expense of collapsing the national economy. This is the last defense war, which should be called the "burning operation."

The situation in Japan is far from the state where "the health of the people must be protected" even if the Japanese economy falls into an unprecedented depression. In addition, the government's irresponsible response, despite the voluntary restraint of business, culture, and social activities based on the government's declaration of emergency, will not promptly and concretely take measures for compensation such as income compensation. Looking at the government's irresponsible response, I can no longer control the feelings that have sprung up.. I am convinced that pandemics will not occur in Japan for the following reasons

 I am convinced that pandemics will not occur in Japan for the following reasons:

(1) In Japan, unlike lifestyles in Europe and the United States, when entering a house from the outside, take off your shoes and do not enter the house on shoes.

(2) Western people have a custom of shaking hands with strangers,and do not care to wash hands after that.

(3) Western people do hug and cheek on the greeting to express friendship

(4) Compared with Japanese, Latin and Western languages have many plosives and often spit and talk with gestures.

(5)Sometimes toilets do not have water facilities for washing hands.

(6) Western style houses have showers, but they do not have the habit of taking a bath and warming their bodies.

In addition, there is no custom of raising body temperature, giving parasympathetic nerves superiority, relaxing blood vessels, improving blood flow, and improving immunity."

(7) When blood circulation improves, body temperature naturally rises and immunity increases.Even if the virus enters the body, the probability of developing it is reduced by the action of white blood cells that protect it.

(8) With insecurity and anxiety, stress increases. whereby the sympathetic nerve becomes dominant, blood vessels contract, blood flow decreases, and immunity decreases. It is a universal truth that the primary cause of stress is the "gold deficiency."

(9) Many people in the world live in poor sanitation, lacking heating and drinking water. Contact with the coronavirus can infect millions, or even tens of millions. If they do, they are not covered by social security or medical insurance, so their mortality is naturally extraordinarily high.

(10) The poor cannot afford to obtain fresh foods that contain a good balance of nutrients essential for maintaining health, such as vitamins, amino acids and minerals.  Ingredients with low freshness are oxidized, resulting in poor quality. Their health, eating such foods, is the hotbed of the pandemic.


There is no evidence that infection by the coronavirus is increasing rapidly in Japan, and there are only about 2,000 infected people in the metropolitan area with the populations of 20 million.There is no situation in which infected people become severe and die of life-threatening pneumonia. Compared to 5 to 10 million people infected with flu each year, the number of cases is negligible.“Isolation,” in which asymptomatic or mildly ill patients are admitted to a medical institution, is medically meaningless, as there are no treatments for the virus at the hospital.


Inconvenient Truth and Hydrogen

According to a study published by Osaka University, it is necessary to raise the body temperature to 37℃ and hit the virus with the power of “hydrogen ions” released by white blood cells in the body. You can activate your immunity by using hydrogen. Except for the severely ill, all you need to do is to warm you up, eat good food, relax and recuperate, taking care not to infect your family at home.

Upon infection or fever, the human physiology system automatically releases hydrogen ions from white blood cells to increase immunity. Ingest hydrogen gas or hydrogen supplements directly before infection or illness to increase body temperature and boost immune activity. A dramatic improvement in thousands of critically ill patients with hydrogen gas inhalation therapy in Wuhan, China, follows a video presentation by Professor Syounannzan.

That's the argument I claim that a pandemic won't happen in Japan. Even if many get infected with the coronavirus and becoming serious, Japan as the advanced country of hydrogen, has all the means to cope with it. We must not impose excessive “self-restraint” and “city blockade” that could stifle the breath of people engaged in sports, culture and economic activities. 

However,government officials, politicians, and employees of large corporations whose lives are guaranteed cannot understand the harsh reality of self-restraint.  Excessive “self-restraint” deprives living base of many people working in the service industry and small and medium-sized enterprises and self-emplyoed, forces them to go bankrupt, shut down, and suicide. ”Do not let tens of thousands of young children get lost in the streets!!.” We must make thoughtful judgments reasonably and calmly so as not to be foolish.


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Precaution for Coronavirus !! Functional water helps Bifidobacteria reach the intestine.


Precaution for Coronavirus !!
Functional water that helps Bifidobacteria reach the intestine.

Functional water  helps Bifidobacteria reach the intestine and coronavirus precaution

Japan has extremely few infected people and fatalities comparing with other countries.

Some say that fermented foods such as Japanese miso and pickles will help to 
increase intestinal bifidobacteria.

However it is said bifidobacteria is difficult to reach the intestines.

The experiements at Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University have revealed that the number of bifidobacteria increases threefold, 14 days after ingesting this functional water, Sousei Water


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