2024/05/29 05:14

What is surprised me in Japan Jenya's column No.2


Hello and Happy New Year, everyone!

This is 2nd number of my column, and today’s topic is “What is surprised me in Japan”

It is my 8th year in Tokyo and, to tell you the truth, I began to forgot the things that stroke me here at first. But there is still a lot to be surprised of everyday, that is why Japan is so great!

Japanese always think about how to make things comfortable.
Many foreigners love drink vending machines, and every year, there are innovations in them. Recently, you can see touch screen’s machines and tray to get your drink is easier to use now. Again, there are so many things you can buy by these! Like rice or stockings!
And, of course, it makes you a bit happier when you hear “Arigatou gozaimasu” voice from machines.
If you want to express Japan in one word, definitely, it would be “Useful”

“Kirei” also means “Beautiful” in Japanese, and Japan is very beautiful, but it is also very clean. This is because of that they clean it all the time, but also it is Japanese’s way of thinking. Don’t waste at the streets, and clean your place. Everyone would love to stay in such a clean country.

*Mountain’s view*

In Russia, we don’t have many mountains, so I am always amazed of japanese mountains. Of course, Fuji-san is one of my favorites too. I also love snow montains. I was raised in snow country, but began to snowboarding after I came to Japan. May be, the pretty view is one of the reasons, too?

*Hot springs*
We have Russian sauna, “Banya”, but I also love japanese hot spring’s special atmosphere. Especially open air bath when it is snowing. Unforgettable!
I think “Now this is Japan~” and get so happy in these moments.

*Hard workers*

I respect working Japanese with all my heart. Always smiling, always working with all theirs  might! They also know how to have fun after the work, so I can not agree with popular among foreigners “Japanese are working robots” saying. They are very human! I am glad I am able to work with them.

Being in Tokyo makes me to have all these feelings! Different places, different people, I am so glad to live in Tokyo. I am going to convey these feelings to you from now on too!

Today’s little corner
“Sweets to you”

Today’s choice is “Maccha Late”
You can drink these around the world now lately. Traditional japanese green tea and hot milk’s marriage. Japanese know how to arrange “east” and “west”!


Let’s have fun in Japan with Jenya!