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We are looking for native English or Chinese speakers.


We are looking for native English or Chinese speakers.

(Our team at the Monthly Lease division, with increasing numbers of queries from abroad)

Are you interested in working in real estate agency in the Shinagawa and Ota area, the international city that opens the door to a world of opportunities?

Your international background and experience would serve well in this position at City Housing Co., LTD due to multiple reasons, such as the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020, expansion of Haneda International Airport, growth of international business, and rapid influx of visitors to Japan.

City Housing Co., LTD has over thirty years of experience and knowledge in real estate and owns around 10,000 rooms in Shinagawa and Ota area. We are committed to accommodating the diverse needs of our customers and expanding our business. We started receiving more queries from international visitors who are planning their stay in Japan for business or vacation.

You can achieve your goal to becoming an real estate professional by learning property management in many ways, such as self-storage, monthly rentals, parking lots, and renovation. The Japanese are so adroit at maximizing house space, and this is something you can learn and bring back to your country.

Real estate agents from China, Taiwan, Korea, and other Asian countries frequently come to visit Japan to learn our real estate business.

Please make the most of your new knowledge and experiences in real estate in Japan along with your language skills.

The position is only available at the Monthly Lease division at the moment due to the needs from international visitors, but there will be an opportunity for transfer to another division.
There are still very few non-Japanese with experience in Japanese real estate and we believe this would be an opportunity for you to build your career in Japan.


(We look forward to having new members on our team)

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