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People first! Be a real estate professional at a GLOCAL (GLOBAL yet LOCAL) company!!


People first! Be a real estate professional at a GLOCAL (GLOBAL yet LOCAL) company!!

We are a genuine and caring company that offers growth and learning opportunities to our employees. We are expanding our business in Vietnam and Thailand, and looking for English speaking graduates as new additions to our team.

Kawasaki is the city in Kanagawa prefecture that has implemented the multicultural coexistence plan. We interviewed Tsuneo Miyagawa, CEO at N-ASSET, the real estate company with a unique business model that follows the "think globally, act locally" principle.

About Tsuneo Miyagawa

Miyagawa was born in Kyoto in 1971. He graduated from Kobe University in 1994 and got his first job at ITOCHU Corporation. In 1999, he joined Noel Co., Ltd and launched a department that offered asset building support for real estate owners. He brought many successful stories to the company including its listing on JASDAQ and Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section. He acquired N-ASSET and became a CEO in 2009. He opened his first international office in Vietnam in 2011. Three years after, his second international office was opened in Thailand.


Miyagawa: I had a lot of fun when I was a student - I started a club and organized events. I was interested in entrepreneurship and thought of working at a company where I can learn business. I found a commercial firm suitable for me and got my first job at ITOCHU Corporation where I learnt real estate.

I moved to another real estate firm which my former manager at ITOCHU founded. We started with 10 people. The company grew fast and listed on a stock market although it went bankrupt after the Lehman shock.

My department was closed and went for bidding after the liquidation procedure was concluded. I participated in bidding with a hope to win back the workplace for myself and my colleagues. Luckily, I won the bidding. E-ASSET is the company that was created by the people who shared the tough times with me.

That's why the company has always maintained a family atomosphere.

I want the company to be a place where our employees can feel secure, enjoy their work and take new challenges.

We also want to create a new corporate culture - we have been actively hiring new graduates for 6 years when we had only 30 employees.

What are you looking for in new hires? "Be engaged and open-minded" "Ready for challenges"

We focus on a new real estate business model and that is not so easy.

I believe it’s important for new hires to be engaged and open-minded for successful onboarding. I also expect them to be ready for new challenges.

We are looking for English speaking individuals who can accommodate the needs of non-Japanese residents as the city is becoming more globalized.

We hired an international student who is fluent in English and Chinese in April. I am hoping to have a new addition to the team who can collaborate with him and contribute to our international growth. 

We look after each other as we believe those who treat the team well will also treat our customers well. I think real estate is customer oriented business. That's why we value those who strive for excellence in service quality so as to make customers happy. 

(company trip to Danang, Vietnam) 

We offer support to Japanese companies that aim to expand their businesses in Vietnam and Thailand. Unfortunately, Japan is not up to speed with globalization. Our new hires can be of any nationalities as long as they are engaged and ready for new challenges. In return, we will make sure to nature their talents and ensure their professional development.

I believe that we play a key role to make a city appealing. We want to support our city, Takatsu Kawasaki, by following the "act globally and act localy" principle. GLOCAL (Global & Local) is the idea that can spread from Japan to the world.

The Internet has become indispensable in our industry, and we also take initiatives to encourage efficiency and productivity. However, I believe my mission as an employer is to create new jobs. We can grow our business by contributing to the local community and playing a key role in its growth.

I would like to create an environment where our employees can enjoy their work.

My goal is to increase profitability and invest in our employees.


Real estate is one of the service providers and our business is always evolving. Why don't you become a real estate professional under the surpervison of Miyagawa at N-ASSET? 





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:勤務地    神奈川県川崎市高津区 ㈱N-ASSET 公式HP http://www.n-asset.com/

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:勤務時間    9:30~18:30 休憩1時間

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