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The interview for contestant for irws2017 Kenichi


The interview for contestant for irws2017 Kenichi

Kenichi Uang from フィリピン

1. How did you get into singing?

Singing has always been something I just do. My parents would tell me that I began singing as young as 3 or so years old. They say my first song was "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice. It's a rather old song and I don't even remember much about it, which kind of says that I've probably been singing for much longer than I even remember. Today I still sing, but usually for myself or from requests from friends for their celebrations or anything like that. Music is just something that I really love and to me it's the cheapest form of travel. Which is why I enjoy listening to new music from different cultures but mostly Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. 
2. Why did you decide to perform at IRWS in Japan? (What do you want to accomplish through this experience?)
Well aside from being given the opportunity I find it exciting to be a part of the IRWS. I like how it has a history in lifting up the spirits of those who were struck by a major catastrophe several years ago. I think that it's also a good place to share my love for the Japanese music, culture, and language with others who aren't Japanese. Also I've never performed a Japanese song for a big Japanese crowd in Japan so it's a very big honor for me and I'd like to find out if you would enjoy my performance. 緊張していますw

I hope I could show everyone who'll be watching in Japan, how much their culture is loved in my country and also make new friends this way. I hope my performance can send this message.
3. Why do you select  鱗(uroko)?
When I first heard 鱗、it was from a Japanese friend I had just met. I used to listen to heavier Japanese rock but this song was very different to me. The way it's sung has so much emotions and I immediately fell in love with the melody. But when I began listening and reading the lyrics the emotions were actually much stronger when I began to understand the lyrics. Honestly I usually like to sing songs with high singing pitches like 鱗 but now I love the song because of what it means. I love how it's about someone you just admire... someone you just need to reach... someone who you want to hear you and see you... and that sometimes it's just not so easy. This song makes me both happy and sad. 悔しいけど言葉はなんか心強いです。It's like this song reminds me that if there are things and people you love, you push yourself and do the best you can especially when it's hard. I'd like to live my life this way. Pushing forward and being brave enough to the right things.
4. Would you mind sharing your thoughts as a member of the Red team?
I just hope to have to have fun with everyone and do my best. And I think it's cool to be part of the red team. Sometimes I like watching スパー戦. 赤いはリーダーの色だからなんかかっこいいとおもって。
5. What are you expecting of IRWS & staff in Japan?
Oh I hope everyone's friendly so that we can talk about a lot of different things. I hope to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures and really just learn more from everyone and grow as a person. I think everyone has a story and we should really listen to each other more and grow together. 
6. What Japanese song is popular in your country?
実は… あまり詳しくない。ごめんなさい。?? From what I know, most people in the Philippines like listening to songs from anime. I used to watch a lot of anime as well and in fact I got my love for music from anime but now I like to find music outside of anime. I don't know if they are still popular today but the songs from るろうに剣心 were very popular once upon a time. I myself love almost all of them. (*ノωノ)

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