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Most popular Japanese songs of all, from the IRWS(The International Red-White Singing Festival).


For 10 years of experience of holding Int'l Red-White Singing Festival(IRWS), we have made a ranking of popular Japanese songs among Non-japanese by considering all applicants and selected performers and the auditions choice of locals in Cebu and Bali where IRWS was held.

Most popular Japanese songs for Non-Japanese by IRWS


1st  I Only Care About You - Teresa Teng

Teresa Teng, the most loved singer from Taiwan sang this song in Japanese and Chinese.

This song is very famous in Japan and also in Chiese spoken community





1st  First Love

Song of Hikaru Utada, talented Japanese singer raised in U.S.A is specially polular in Philippines and Indoneisa.


ENGLISH by Jessa Zaragoza



1st  Nada-soso

Many singers cover this song.Nada-soso which means Great Tears Are Spilling in Okinawa language.

Hayley Westenra sings the English version. She is one of the youngest UNICEF Ambassadors to date.

And she has sung in English, Māori, Irish, Welsh, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Latin, Japanese, Standard Mandarin Chinese, Catalan, and Taiwanese Hokkien

Keali'i Reichel, the most famous Hawaiian singer, sings the Hawaiian version of Nada-soso. 


ENGLISH by Hayley Westenra

HAWAIIAN Keali'i Reichel (Ka Nohona Pili Kai)


Let's practice Japanese karaoke at home with the JOYSOUND YouTube channel!

You can sing in the original Japanese

by following along with the Latin alphabet subtitles.


**Popular song for FINALE 


2st 世界で一つだけの花 

 "Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana" (The Only Flower in the World) 



3rd  Let it go  (MULTILINGUAL)


Most popular Japanese song in the Philippines 

Voltes V  is the record-making amine series and the theme song was sung by the many Philippines even though it was in Japanese. 

心の友 (Kokoro no Tomo) Friends in Your Heart

This song was a charity song composed by Itsuwa Mayumi, who encouraged Indonesian friends who suffered from Tsunami in 2004 which victimized over 160,000 lives.

This beautiful song has been sung by many Indonesian children since then.

Aio Sano is a Japanese songwriter whose Mother has devoted her life to supporting Nepalis in need.

She wrote a soulful song called "Shanti" to heal the earthquake victims in Nepal and send hundreds of Solar lanthanum​​​​​​.

Resham Firiri - Japanese Singer Aoi Sano