2024/05/29 06:18

Kyoto Music Festival 2024 Connecting people through heartfelt songs


Kyoto Music Festival 2024

Connecting people through heartfelt songs

Discovering the beauty of Japanese through numerous heart-touching J-POP songs.

On March 3rd, Kyoto Music Festival 2024 took place at the Concert Hall in Joyo City Cultural Center Kyoto Prefecture. This event was held to commemorate the relocation of the Agency for Cultural Affairs to Kyoto.

The first half was energized by performances from asobiyoshi and Big Mouth Brass Band. Following them, the stage was taken over by Human note, led by artist HitoshiTerao.

As the season welcomes new encounters, uplifting songs encouraging and cheering on people, and songs urging us to strive together, filled the air.

I happened to learn about this event through a post from my acquaintance, Mr. Terao from Human note, and decided to visit. It seemed that he also guided the general choir participants.

When I heard my favorite song "You are my Joy" by Human note after a long time, the faces of many people I've been grateful for came to my mind, and my heart filled with gratitude.

The latter part featured Chris Hart, who won the "Nodojiman the! World" singing contest for foreigners singing Japanese and later debuted as a singer. His stage was followed by the main stage performance where Chris Hart sang alongside 50 individuals selected from the audience.

The packed venue included students, families, seniors, and people with roots abroad, among others. It seemed like everyone overlaid their memories and emotions onto the numerous songs sung.

Music is a wonderful culture that connects people from the past, present, and future.

Seeing everyone leaving the venue with such satisfaction, I felt excited for the new beginnings ahead.

《 Editor of Globalcommunity Kazumi Miyazaki》