2024/05/29 04:21

In Japan, over 300,000 dogs and cats are killed at public health centers



In Japan, over 300,000 dogs and cats are killed at public health centers, every year. I worry about it, and feel very distressed about this big problem.

About two years ago , I decided to start rescuing dogs, and became a member of the volunteer organization. I always adopt sheltered dogs temporarily, until the volunteer group finds a "new family" for them.

And, as I get deeper into this, I realize how difficult the situation is.
It becomes a vicious circle.

So, I think "What should I do???" , "How can I help???".

"How can I save the dogs???"

"How can I keep the dogs smiling???"

And then, in January of this year, I decided to established a company "Dog-Rights Co., Ltd" with really like-minded friends.

From the beginning, we decided to publish a free magazine named "Dog-Rights", and from January, we delivered this to many dog shops, animal hospitals, grooming salons, and dog cafes in TOKYO.
It contains lots of helpful information about dogs, information on dog's health from vets, real life situations of homeless and sheltered dogs...and so forth.

In this way, we want to let people know the "Real situations of dogs", "Real big problems of dogs".
This really addresses the feelings we have of "what should I do" and "what can I do" that are in the hearts of so many individuals ! !

For now, we are going to publish the free magazine every other month, and propose many ways to give dogs happy lives.

And we are going to donate part of the profits from sales to many dog shelters in JAPAN to save the dogs !

FROM JAPAN, we are going to transmit our thoughts, expressions and actions all over the world ! !