2024/07/24 00:26

Mount Fuji is a breathtakingly beautiful mountai


Mount Fuji is a breathtakingly beautiful mountain located near the center of Japan. Since ancient times, the people of Japan have held it close to their hearts, regarding it as a source of national spirit and a wellspring of culture. It has been the subject of innumerable works of art, including paintings, prose, poems, and drama. The history of the peak is closely intertwined with the history of Japanese culture itself. At the same time, it has exerted an influence on many foreign artists as well.
Mount Fuji has long been an object of religious worship as the dwelling place of the gods. The Japanese people have traditionally seen the divine in all aspects of nature, and Mount Fuji, in particular, has been venerated as a sacred peak, becoming deeply ingrained in people’s minds and their daily lives.
Culture, as created by humankind, is passed down through the generations as the collective memory of groups of people, which is then accumulated and shaped over time. Here, I hope to convey the immense impact Mount Fuji has had on the culture and art of Japan by introducing many outstanding works of art that depict the peak. In so doing, it is my wish that many people around the world will agree with me that Mount Fuji truly deserves to be designated a World Cultural Heritage site.

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