2024/07/23 23:18

support the exchange students to come Japan safely.



We would like to support the exchange students  to come Japan safely.




Aim For An Educational Nation

We would like to support the exchange students  to come Japan safely.
The press conference to support overseas students had healed by Japanese Language Schools which encourage the post-disaster rehabilitation on 9 May.The editor of the magazine 'Immigrants', Mr.Iwahara who taught me this conference was one of the manager of the organization.By the influence of the earthquake on March,it has been decreasing the number of the exchange students.Comparing last year,
it is estimated that there is 30 to 50% reduction of the number of  candidate for admission refusing or delayed during the first semester,and 70% that during the second semester.Considering that most abroad students learn Japanese at Japanese language schools,it is also expected the drop of population of exchange pupils in universities and colleges.
Of course,the main reason of the reduction is detaining by their families who are anxious about the nuclear accident,or changing the exchange students plans due to concerning the possibility of deterioration.
It is anticipated the slump of the 175000 students now,which means it is not able to avoid the affect of the plan to accommodate of 300000 foreign students,which is one of the strategy of the new growth in Japan.Japanese Language Schools  encouraging the post-disaster rehabilitation are forced to treat this problem immediately and requesting the Diplomacy and government to accompany.The aim is follow that.
1.Collect the letters written by  foreign students to encourage the refugees
2.Recruit the student volunteers to go the disaster stricken area
3.Provide information about the disaster and the unclear power plant in foreign languages
4.Require to the related organizations to construct easy coming and studying from overseas.
However,It has been occurred already that extension of deadline of next term's Japanese residence certification.It is recognized that the plan, 'accommodation of 300000 exchange pupils', is one of the No.1 priority.
The most essential thing is that making Japan more safe and welcoming students who came from foreign countries more than ever.
They might be the people who really would like to study in Japan in spite of unstable Japan.
The effect or influence from exchange students can be quite powerful.When they are accepted by Japanese society,they might spread information about Japan as fabulous country, which is the best way to PR of Japan.
Also,We should appreciate them to study Japanese for a long time ,which might be useful only in Japan.If all Japanese had kept in mind like that, the population of sightseer from abroad could have been over ten million already.
In addition, foreigners are anticipated activity in medical department which is suffering from labor shortage. It is expected that there are more than millions people who want to study and work in Japan, with the system of accepting foreigners.
It is the fastest and the most effective way to stimulate Japan that the procedures of foreigner's accommodation should be more simple to increase them in Japan vastly,because they will contribute to society when they get high education and grow accustomed Japan.

(translated by Aya Kato )