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Housing Situation for a Multicultural Era

The system of working holidays "Cultural experiences create people and country!"
I had this handsome Japanese guy for an interview who was willing to apply for position of manager for a guest house. He has the experience of living in France for a year with a working holiday visa which allowed him to stay and work in France. He stayed in a farm there and worked with local French people doing jobs around the farm like chopping wood. Soon after, he went to Morocco and helped in a jewellery store which was aimed at Japanese tourists. In Mongol, he purchased a horse and enjoyed the relaxing lifestyle of a Shepard. Even after getting back to Japan, he went to Okinawa in spring to work at a satoukibi farm and in summer he went to Kushiro to collect seaweed. How he moved around depended on the seasons. He stayed in a dormitory or house but he always had to share the room with someone else.

There are more young people who travel around the world and enjoy their holidays staying at youth hostels or backpackers in different cultures. This system is a special travel system for young people and its main advantage is that they are allowed to work as a part-time employee anywhere they go. Its main purpose is to let young people develop their international perspectives and encourage the understanding and friendship with other countries.

In 1980, Japan made a pact with Australia, after that New Zealand, Canada, Korea, France, Germany and in 2001, with the UK. In 2004, there are 4,932 people who came into Japan and 20,564 people who left Japan for another country by using the working holiday system. The number who arrived in Japan (foreigners) is small compared to those who depart (Japanese). It is around a quarter of those who left Japan (Japanese).

The principal Mr. Kin who has a Japanese school in Kanayama says, "There are so many kids who want to come to Japan and study Japanese or their animation but the truth is that there are not many Japanese kids who want to come to Korea so the visa get restricted and even if they apply for one, they are not able to obtain one. It will be great if more Japanese kids want to come to Korea for a working holiday." The ideal of working holiday between 2 countries would be no big gaps between applicants from both countries. In Holland, when people reach 18, they become independent from their family and to decide their future, they go on a holiday to other countries for about a year. The reason for this to gain the experiences and meet many people through the life abroad to explore their possible directions for the future.

Visit Japan! We hope to offer accommodation and create an environment where it is easy for more foreigners to visit Japan to experience Japanese culture by living in a Japanese lifestyle.

Masao Hagino
"President of Ichii Corporation

Japan Property Management Association
Executive President of International Exchange Organisation