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What’s Food Analyst?TsurutontanInterview

Tsurutontan interview
This is a fancy Udon (Japanese noodle) restaurant with a long line of people.
What was the reason to become a Food Analyst?
・I always loved to eat and thought it would be great if I can
make it my lifework.

What do you think is the most important thing for your work?
・Since I have to judge professionals’ works by my own eyes
and tongue, I always keep it mind to assimilate any news related to food and to appreciate to them.

What would you like people to know by this Food Analyst

・The importance and happiness of food, and also the heart of
the people who engage in food.
While tremendous amount of information is surrounding us, I
want to guide people to the way they can have enjoyable and healthy food life.

Hikari Tasaki
Work: Free lance announcer
Hobby:TO EAT! That’s all!
Dream: To create a new style of food world

Having kept pursuing the happiness of “eating” from the
childhood, she researched about the food in Haikai world at a
university. From 1997, she had a successful step as an
announcer at Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Corporation. After
resigning KBC in 2006, she studied abroad in China while
searching for delicious local food, worked as a Japanese
Culture instructor at a local university. In 2007, she finally
became a food analyst while as a free launce announcer,
in Tokyo, making strenuous efforts to promote the food
world through mass media.


This is a fancy Udon (Japanese noodle) restaurant with a long line of people.

The name, Tsurutotan came from the combination of the sounds of eating Udon

making dough out of wheat “Tonton”, and cutting into a noodle “Tantan”.

The store has a classic atmosphere enough for a couple to go for a date.

But I was amazed by the looking of the most popular flavor, “Kitsune no Oudon” (¥680) for the first time.

A HUGE 15cm fried tofu was completely covering Udon on a 30cm bowl.You never know
how happy you can be when you fill your mouth with the deep-drowned fried tofu until you actually try it.My favorite is its Tsuyu(noodle soup).

The Kansai type of the soup is slightly sweet with the taste of edible kelp and dried bonito.
I heard the soup is used with being kept adding.

The Udon from Sanuki, which can never be a supporting role, is made by the handsome
professional chefs in a counter-by stepping with feet in a traditional way before getting it
lie down for a half day.

Fresh with smoking dish will be served after you ordered.
There are also private rooms.

It would be wonderful to have Udon at the end of enjoying some Sake or Shochyu or
maybe the master who is also a sommelier’s recommended wine.

Actually there are always around 50 kinds of Udon menu including seasonal ones.

Probably it would be a long way to try them all even if you go for a lunch everyday!

When it gets cold, try Nabeyaki Udon(¥1550). Crispy conger and chicken make the
soup milder.

Anyway, isn’t the Udon place where you need a reservation to go at night kind of

Tsuruitotan Roppongi
Address: 3-14-12 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo
Call: 03-5786-2626
Business hours: 11am to 8am in the morning.
365 days open.