2024/07/24 00:38


The picture of Okubo through the eyes of those that were on a school trip

Okubo has been featured by NHK many times as the place for understanding multiculturalism. As a matter of fact, many students have visited Okubo on school trips in order to gain an understanding of foreign cultures and the coexistence of such. What’s at the top of their concerns?
◆131 students were divided into 28 teams (4~5 people per team) and they visited 51 companies, offices, stores, restaurants, NPO groups and so on that are run by Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Burmese, and Tunisian in the district (Each team visited 2 places). The experience brought the knowledge regarding internationalization that they learned when they were in first and second year all together.

The students arrived at Shokuan-dori on the bus at 11am. They headed towards Lutheran Church under the guidance of Mr. Yamamoto (the representative of Kyojyukon). In the bethel, Mr. Yamamoto handed out the pamphlets about Okubo as well as the maps of the places to be visited and conducted an orientation. There were also greetings from Mr. Hisok Kim, the president of Kanjinkai. After that, the students headed towards their destinations in the rain.

The students experienced through their five senses on the streets where Asian languages can be heard and signs written in Korean can be seen and through the interviews at their destinations. According to their reports, they were most surprised by the existence of a town like Okubo in Japan where people from various countries live in.