2024/07/20 20:39

Multicultural delivery2

From U.K
~Recognition born in daily life~
First of all, although I was supposed to talk about Multicultural delivery I have faced this time, I would like to change the subject to my cultural experience in U.K since I got to have a wonderful experience as a “foreigner” there.
The purpose of visiting U.K was to attend the congress of Trans-cultural nursing society which was held in Bournemouth. Bournemouth is 2h drive from London and has a splendid beach resort. At the congress, I got to interact with many people who engage in trans-cultural nursing from all over the world which gave me the times of fulfillment.
Besides from the congress, I also got a meaningful experience in Bournemouth and London which led me to think about this new thing; the difference of recognition between people from Japan and U.K. When I got on a train, it was obvious enough to know that each of 5 people sitting has a different racial background. However, there was no one who thought it was not “natural” or were staring at them. I wondered what would happen if it was in Japan.
Also, the workers at the hotel I was staying at were from Spain, Armenia, and Portugal.
Both in city and suburb, people have chances to interact people from different backgrounds. It doesn’t matter whether they are aware of it or not, it will be into a part of daily life and be recognized as “daily life”.
After I came back to Japan, I felt that Japan is filled with majority- Japanese once again. You might feel uncomfortable about interacting with foreigners if you don’t have that kind of experience. You might not even have an opportunity to meet them unless you go to Okubo which is a town famous for the population of foreigners.
But it is so true that people from other countries are supporting this country’s labor and has become a part of the society. I’m not saying it is bad to be surprised at the difference, I’m saying it is necessary to think about the next step; How to accept those people. In Japan, it is still not common to have interactions with foreigners as a usual thing. Thus, it would be better to start with “recognizing” their existence and try to get a chance to know them for the next step; having the recognition of “symbiosis”..