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Ginza Yossou

The Japanese Fast Food?!
The store’s most recommendable dish is Mushi Zushi Set, named “Fufu Mushi” (couple steaming” (1,500yen), with a big Teacup steamed egg pudding and conger eel, which have been loved since the store opened in 1866.

Their Teacup steamed egg pudding is as big as a “donburi” bowl and has an enough volume. There are 9 ingredients in it such as tender Ooyama chicken with boiled fish paste, their original crunchy Fu, etc.

Although I can’t help thinking it’s too enough already, the steamed sushi which comes with the teacup steamed egg pudding also gives super rich taste with the soup of Shiitake and vinegar worked into rice pretty much. Also, on the top of rice, exquisite balance of sweet flavored juicy eel and twist-cut egg, and shrimp paste fry won’t let your chopsticks stop!!

Actually the main store is located in Nagasaki. Nagasaki used to be the only city that had the door to the world back in Edo era which led to be exerted on lots of influence from other foreign cultures.Because of this situation, it was rather easy for them to get rare ingredients such as sugar back then and this is why their original and rich food culture was established.

The Japanese Fast Food?! - Ginza Yossou

Thus, until now they prefer sweet flavored with many kinds of ingredient.
Yossou’s “Fufu Mushi” got popular because of its characteristic as Japanese Fast Food that was made as a healthy and easy-to-cook menu for people who worked at Fish market around the main store in Nagasaki. So why don’t you try this Japanese fast food to make both of your mind and body warmer after shopping in Ginza?

Ginza Yossou
8-9-16 Giza Chuo-ku Tokyo, Ginza Main Street
B1 in Nagasaki Center Building
TEL: 03-3572-7686

Hikari Tasaki
Having kept pursuing the happiness of “eating” from the
childhood, she researched about the food in Haikai world at a
university. From 1997, she had a successful step as an
announcer at Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Corporation. After
resigning KBC in 2006, she studied abroad in China while
searching for delicious local food, worked as a Japanese
Culture instructor at a local university. In 2007, she finally
became a food analyst while as a free launce announcer,
in Tokyo, making strenuous efforts to promote the food
world through mass media.