2024/07/23 23:54

A student organization from Seoul

Themed as the cooperative structure in East Asia, a seminar was held in Komaba Campus, the Tokyo University on Feb. 8th, 2008, by the organization of international exchange at Seoul National University (hereinafter referred to as GT), supported by Japan Korea Student Forum.
In the seminar, the GT member made an announcement in both English and Korean followed by discussion groups. In the discussion, opinions of students from different countries vary, they look new to participants. This time, the GT members held the seminar with the intention of considering the cooperative structure in East Asia from the viewpoint of students, and above all, the were eager to set up a forum for active discussion with interested students who differ in culture and language. In that meaning, it was successful.

It seemed to be difficult for Korean students to hold a seminar in Tokyo, but they could solve various problems with their great energy to hold a very meaningful seminar. This seminar must have motivated participants to be socially conscious.

Mr. Kim, Chairperson of the 2nd Japan Korea Student Forum

Comment of the GT member at Seoul National University.

“We have learned about Japan in a seminar at university, but this discussion with Japanese students led us to think that Japanese students don’t think so differently from the way Korean students do.

Although there exists a difference in understanding history between the Japanese and us, we think it important to open the way to the future together. Aiming to form “Asian Community”, we hope to deepen further exchange with China as well as Japan.

On a final note we appreciate the interpreters engaged in this seminar and the members of Japan Korea Student Forum who prepared for this seminar. Please come to Korea to see us.”