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What motivate them?
Japan Ethiopia Students Conference (JESC)
What is NPO Japan Ethiopia Students Conference (JESC)?

JESC was established with the hope of building the equal relationship between Japan and Ethiopia, not the one-sided relationship with assistance.

In Ethiopia, we exchange and discuss with Ethiopian students, also visit Plantation/Agriculture project Coffee field, elementary school with the support by JICA etc. In Japan, we introduce the actual circumstances of Ethiopia and the results of the project and hold the study session by students. Other than that, we open café for school festival, attend and organize various kinds of events that are relative to Ethiopia and Africa. We also collaborate with embassy to hold a coffee ceremony…and so on.

Let’s feel familiar with Ethiopia! Interview a member of JESC from Ethiopia, Esparow!!

-What is your image of Japan like?

I think Japanese has a nationality of punctuality and diligence.
I can’t believe that their economic standard was same as ours a half century ago.

-What is the dream of yourself and your friends?

I want to be the motive power for the development of our nation. By becoming a lawyer or a businessman, we have a common dream of leading the country and becoming the model of the people. I think we are the hopeful generation.

-Did anything change after knowing JESC?

I was thinking that there was only one way to solve the problems of Ethiopia which was to make an effort inside the country. But JESC made me realize that to build the favorable relationship with other countries is very important to develop our country.
In the world of globalization, it was a great chance to think about the future of Ethiopia.

-Thank you!

What about the future of ours, JESC?

We are pursuing the realization of exchange and discuss in Japan with welcoming Ethiopian students, not only that we Japanese students visit Ethiopia.
By feeling local culture, tradition, and sense of value at the original place, we will get to acquire a bigger point of view and see from both sides of aspects. This will lead to solve the problems of both of the countries.
We will keep challenging many things with students’ natural vigorous curiosity and flexibility in order to develop and prosper both countries. (President of JESC Nobuhiko Kamiya)

we love Japan Kenya Students Conference

-Plenary session made by the collaboration of Japanese students and Kenyan students~lived together for 3weeks with laughter, tears, and again, laughter~
What is J・K・S・C? 

J・K・S・C is a school association established for the achievement of being a go-between for Japan and Kenya. We commit ourselves in a plenary session once a year, meetings, events in each country in order to reduce the results to society. Also for the purpose of deepening the mutual understanding of both Japan and Kenya, we make it possible by taking our advantage as being students through cultural exchange.

2007 J・K・S・C Plenary session 2007

“Talk Together, Walk Future!” In summer of 2007, we welcomed 8 student members from Kenya and toured Tokyo, Aichi, and Osaka for the plenary session.

After a year of preparation, this 3weeks became the most unforgettable time made by every single member of JKSC.

In Tokyo, We had a visit on science museum and memorial museum of war, also supplied food for homeless in Ueno Park, visited senators and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and even held a parade in Shibuya.

In Aichi, in addition to home stay program, we held a subcommittee as an opportunity for students “to discuss to make the future better”.

At the final stage in Osaka, we held African festival at Kaiyu-kan. And also we participated in food supply activity in Kamagasaki which is called “the biggest slum in Japan”. “I didn’t expect homeless exist here in Japan.

I thought they only do in poor countries such as our country, Kenya.” The long line of homeless people waiting for food. This is an honest comment uttered by a Kenyan student who saw those people. Not to mention the conflicts occurred by the difference of their sense of value. But it must be true that because of those conflicts, they got to laugh together and accept another way of thinking each other at last.

The plenary session of next year will be taken place in Kenya. Our desire to know more about Kenya, Japan and the world won’t stop. Our challenge, “Talk Together, Walk Together!” is just at the corner of its beginning.

What’s J・K・S・C like for members?

●By the ordinal conversation between Kenyan, we get to gear their real voice which wouldn’t come out from books.

●It is possible to make the projects we create happen!

●The door to Africa!

●Various kinds of attractive members

●Great OB and OG!! (Ex; Mio Yamazaki who achieved the 8 countries in Africa (5000km) when in college. Naoko Sakuragi who is active as a photographer in Uganda.)