2024/07/23 23:46

Japanese and Korean Law School Students

ALSA is a non-political student association consisting of law school students from 9 Asian countries/districts. It engages in international academic and cultural exchanges.
The Summer of Japanese and Korean Law School Students

◆As the result of the Korean boom that happened a few years ago, people have familiarized themselves with Korea. Korean lessons and study abroad programs in Korea have also become very popular. At the same time, there is a bitter history where conflicts and invasions took place. Disputes over the Yasukuni Shrine issue and the Takeshima Island still remain due to different perspectives on history.

To what extent can young people who will be the leaders of tomorrow share their understanding regarding Japan and Korea? They can learn about each other through references and the internet, but they can only share a thorough mutual understanding through direct conversations. “Study Trip from Korea to Japan 2007” is a project created with the intention to facilitate academic and cultural exchanges between Japanese and Korean law school students. It will be held from August 15th (Wed) to August 23rd (Thurs). Under the theme “Make some concession now ~ A step towards cooperativeness and friendship”, participants will discuss various issues related to Japan and Korea. In addition, many activities will be conducted to facilitate a mutual understanding. The goal is to build a consolidate relationship that will contribute to the building of a brighter society. On August 19th, the academic meeting will be open to the public where presentations of the discussion results, speech from university professors, and discussions among visitors will be held. We can sense what the future leaders of Japan and Korea are thinking are on that day.

The project will be hosted by ALSA Japan. ALSA Japan is a student organization with the aim to promote integrated growth and the understanding of diversity. In addition to daily academic activities, ALSA has launched a few outstanding projects to promote international exchanges.

For more detail on “Study Trip from Korea to Japan 2007”, visit the following website.