2024/07/20 21:41

Make Mount Fuji as a World Heritage site

Japan's top and highest peak is, of course, Mount Fuji.


But, did you know that Mount Fuji is not designated as a World Heritage site yet?
An application was once filed on Mount Fuji ten years ago; however, it was unfortunately turned down.
This is a fact, which is certainly sad for the Japanese people, but has to be sincerely accepted.
Thus, we are once again starting on the Project of making Mount Fuji a World Heritage site, which of course, requires efforts in areas such as environment, moral, rules, human and financial resources, etc.
In order to make Japan's treasure a world's treasure, everyone cooperates with each other to fill in the missing pieces, just like filling the missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
Our goal for the designation of Mount Fuji as a World Heritage site is 2012.
However, the real goal reaches further ahead, which is to pass on our beautiful Mount Fuji to our future generations. So, why don't you join us to make Mt. Fuji a World Heritage site?