2024/04/16 22:26

Club of Children and Students(CCS)

70,000 children of foreign nationalities currently enroll in Japanese School. Children of foreign nationalities cannot get proper educational guidance. We gathered information about CCS which has 6 learning centers as well as summer school inside Tokyo.
CCS operates with the following principles:

(1) Improving the education environment and achieving self-actualization at a global level for kids with foreign cultural backgrounds

(2)Creating a bright future for Japanese kids who accept kids with foreign cultural backgrounds

(3)Reaching a “multicultural society” where diversity is respected as well as creating a “world of peace” where every one can live safely


◆CCS is a NGO organization that supports “kids with foreign cultural backgrounds” such as kids of foreign nationalities, returnees from China, Japanese South American, and kids of mixed blood. We aim to support such groups of individuals who are considered a minority in the Japanese society. We hope that the kids can be proud of their origins and live the way they like with confidence. We also hope that he/she can not only achieve self-actualization but also becomes the role model for kids that share the same background nationwide. In addition, we hope that they can indoctrinate other Japanese children at school and make contributions to creating a multicultural society where diversity and individuality are respected. As a student NGO organization, we hope that students can also lean through volunteer activities, raise their awareness of global citizenship, and build partnerships with kids. At the same time, we also hope that CCS which provides support along with kids can contribute to the improvement of education in the world through stimulating Japanese children and approaching not only the schools but the Japanese society as a whole.