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Now, students are working on

to achieve the connection beyond the border.
In Japan, there are quite a few student associations which were established on the purpose of the achievement of international exchange and amity. However, practically, the connection between them hardly exists and each of them has been isolated to each other. In 1998, the students who feared of this situation established Student Conference Network. (SCN)
At that time, only few members were joining this association, after having pursued the settlement of network for mutual enlightenment, mutual understanding and mutual cooperation, now it has its 11-years history, with being consisted of many associations such as ALSA (The Asian Law Students' Association), Japan-India Student Conference, Japan-Vietnam Student Conference, Japan-China Student Conference, Japan-Korea Student Conference, Japan-Kenya Student Conference, and International Student Association (ISA), Japan Norway Student Forum, and RING.

The role of SCN is, with Network, to support International Exchange Associations which is doing academic activities which take their free position as students. It is significant for exchanging and sharing information effectively to create the connections among all of the International Youth beyond the border, with breaking the conventional isolated situation of each student association.
“Information sharing” is necessary for the improvement of the quality of each association activity. That would bring motivation to their activities by stimulating to each other.
The procedure of the creation of SCN-To break the border and to connect-
That might be a universal challenge which is something to do with international exchange itself.
The 11st Sunao Tabata: sunao.tabata@gmail.com

Affiliated Associations

ALSA JAPAN: http://alsa-jp.net/
International Student Association (ISA): http://isaofficial.hp.infoseek.co.jp/
Japan-India Student Conference: http://japan-india.jp/
Japan-Vietnam Student Conference: http://www.jvsc.net/  Japan-Korea Student Conference: http://www.jksc.jp/
Japan-Kenya Student Conference: http://japan-nya.org/
Japan-China Student Conference: http://jcsc.jp/
RING: ring_information@yahoo.co.jp
Japan Norway Student Forum: http://www.jnsf.jp/