2024/04/16 22:59


This month’s interview was with Mr. Watanabe, the CEO of “Watami”. Mr. Watanabe not only manages the “Watami” restaurants, but is also active in the areas of agriculture, NPO activities, nursing care, and ecological protection. He strives for the word “Thank You” and manages his company accordingly, which he says will be the company to receive the most “Thank You” from people around the world. Through his experience in dealing with agricultural and ecological problems, Mr. Watanabe states that in order to solve worldwide problems such as ecodoom and hunger, countries all around the world must act as one. Also another important thing to remember is that each country must help each other, and act toward for a brighter future. Countries must also use some restraint when dealing with these problems. If the countries can act like this, then the problems will be solved. For exchange students, Mr. Watanabe says that they must think why they have come to Japan, and to achieve their goals and dreams. He also states that he will do his best to support the students and to provide good working places, so that exchange students will be able to work and study diligently and that their money and efforts are used to achieve their goals and dreams.