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Nakano Broadway,

“The Community ”
That Is Friendly to Foreigners As Well”
Nakano Broadway,
“Nakano Broadway”, a gathering place of stores that sell collector’s goods such as used comics and anime. It has been drawing attention across the country, or rather, all over the world, as a place filled with traditional stores and hobby stores that sell unique items.
Mr. Aoki,
★Mr. Aoki, the head of Nakano Broadway Promotion Association
★Ms. Suzuki, the council of Nakano City Government, who provides support from Broadway’s perspective
★Jeremy,who works at “Mangadarake” where fans of comics (manga) and anime from all over the world gather together
★Bastian, who helped us in the production of the multilingual guide and claims himself as the No.1 “Otaku” in France
★Ms. Miyuki Ichino who spreads the attractiveness of Nakano Broadway to Chinese females
★We also asked Mr. Tsukasaki who creates a network for SCN, a student group that facilitates exchanges between Japanese and foreign students,
and other foreigners who attended the international event “Bonds” to say a few words .
★The words from Mr. Aoki, the head of Nakano Broadway Promotion Association
What’s attractive about Nakano Broadway?
The charm of Nakano Broadway is that the hobby shops and the traditional shops blend together naturally not by design but by chance while keeping its unique atmosphere. Although a lot of people from all over the world come here due to anime and comics, limited effort has been made to make it a tourist site. Local people still buy dishes for dinner here and so on. It’s very full of local color.
Also, since there are a lot of shops, you can always discover something new no matter how many times you’ve been here.
About the future of Nakano Broadway
In the future, we hope to incorporate new things so that we can bring positive effects to other shopping streets. We aim to create an environment where foreigners, along with the young generation, can enhance the future of Nakano Broadway. On July 16th, foreigners gathered by Senseup, attended the international exchange event, “Bonds”. This event incorporated the participation of foreigners and the Hachijojima taiko performance. We hope that we can receive foreigners’ assistance in enhancing the future of Nakano Broadway. We also received strong support from Nakano City Government not only financially but also in PR. We hope that Nakano Broadway remains a shopping street that receives everyone’s support and a shopping street that is always loved by everyone.

★Ms. Suzuki, the council of Nakano municipal government, who provides support from Broadway’s perspective

About Nakano Broadway’s promotions targeting foreigners
About the involvement of city government
Shopping streets play an important role in creating the charm of the region.
It is an important thing for Nakano Broadway which is known as the face of Nakano to provide original values. I heard that Nakano Broadway is becoming more internationalized. To create an environment that accommodates this kind of diversity, we should not only sell goods but also increase our attractiveness as a community with heart-warming hospitality.
The government will actively support such positive efforts of Nakano Broadway.

★The thoughts of Jeremy who works at “Mangadarake” where fans of comics (manga) and anime from all over the world gather together:

I heard that Japanese animations and comics are popular in France, but people in France in a way look at them as arts.
I’m in charge of overseas mail orders, and the most popular items are original drawings of manga and the cellulite pictures of anime. Drawings with scarcity value can cost several hundred thousand yen.
Many French frame those drawings in the way you do to paintings.
Maybe that’s because they have been exposed to Japanese anime since they were kids.
In fact, there’s an event in Paris called JAPANEXPO which introduces Japanese subcultures. This year more than 80,000 people (a historical high) attended the event.
Since Japanese anime and manga have broad bases, more and more people will probably come to Japan, or rather, Nakano Broadway.

,who helped us in the production of the multilingual guide and claims himself as the No.1 “Otaku” in France, .

told us his thoughts

I’m really glad to have the opportunity to introduce my favourite Nakano Broadway to people abroad. I became interested in Japan because of animation. I was really attracted by the interesting stories and the cute characters. Also, I really like Japanese voice actors and I often sing Japanese anime songs at Karaoke as well. That’s in Japanese, of course! I began studying Japanese through anime and comics more than 10 years ago. I also married a Japanese of my long-cherished dream and she is now making her way to become a voice actress! In the future, I hope to make more contributions to unite Japan and France. I was given the honour to propose a toast at the international exchange party “Bonds”. I would like to thank everyone in Nakano Broadway for welcoming French like me warm-heartedly.

Ms. Miyuki Ichino

who spreads the attractiveness of Nakano Broadway to Chinese females

At first I had perceived Nakano Broadway as a place for anime and manga. However, as I explored more, I realized that there are a lot of stores that girls may like. Also, it was fun to talk to foreigners who work here. Taking pictures with staff at different places has become a cherished memory as well. I just tried on a high school uniform, and I’ll probably try on the clothing of anime characters next time.

★Mr. Tsukasaki who creates a network for SCN, a student group that facilitates exchanges between Japanese and foreign students
Impressions of the Event

Although there are subtle differences in the color of skin and the color of eyes, it seemed like everyone became the “Ojichan, Obachan” of the shopping streets who are close to each other.
You could here Japanese and broken English everywhere and everyone exchanged talks freely.
Since the music was loud, everyone approached each other’s ears naturally.
They introduced themselves and talk about various things such as the Otaku culture in France and the system for foreigners in Japan. It was like a meeting, yet neither as pretentious nor as tensed up.
I found that there are very limited settings like this.

the international party “BONDS”

On July 16th, the international party “BONDS” sponsored by Nakano Broadway was held. There were taiko performances by people from Hachijojima and a live performance of a street musician from Nakano. The event was rich in content and included activities such as a beer fast drinking contest between representatives from different countries and a lottery for cash.

★The Image of Nakano Broadway’s Multilingual Website

Thank you everyone in Nakano Broadway for the wonderful memories!
We will never forget all of you even after we return to our home countries.
It seems like Nakano Broadway’s website has been set up in English, French, Korean, and Chinese, so perhaps more and more people from various countries will come here. Please maintain this atmosphere where foreigners can enjoy shopping here anytime.

1.The production of PR magazines that target foreigners > > In the case of Nakano Broadway, we dispatched foreign reporters to walk around with the previous floor map and have them report what drew their attention. We made a floor map consisting of 4 languages (Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese).

2.Assistance in press release and such >> We received help from the spokesmen of Nakano City Government to issue a press release to foreign media as well.

3.The production of a multilingual website (English, French, Chinese, and Korean) that includes video clips.

4.Announcement of the international event “BONDS” >> Many foreigners, especially international couples, joined us.

Senseup aims to provide friendly services to foreigners. We offer a comprehensive support for multilingual announcements for shops, local shopping streets, department stores, leisure facilities, medical institutions, and corporations.
Even to those who are fluent in Japanese, they still find it nice to be able see the content in their home languages. We’re the best solution for you to pass on your messages to them. Let us take care of it.
What should I do when someone who doesn’t understand Japanese come to the store?
>>>Don’t worry!!!
Language is actually not a big problem. Foreigners live in Japan in the same way Japanese do. They go shopping and go out for fun. They also work in corporations and go to the hospital when they’re sick. What’s important is to welcome them the same way you do to Japanese. The communication in limited Japanese and limited foreign language will then become a communication of heart with heart.
>>But when you really find it hard to communicate, we have an interpretation system between 3 parties, so don’t worry about it!
>>>Isn’t it a nice thing when foreigners treat you with kindness when you’re traveling?
Foreigners in Japan have the same feeling as well. If you see any foreigner, take the courage and try to talk to them in Japanese!

The Kim

The Kim sisters who are going to travel to Hachijojima. Nakano Broadway has invited elementary school students to Hachijojima again this summer. sisters were invited as well. The kids are delighted too.

Ms. Hsu and her Taiwanese buddies


an international student from Belgium who interviewed the CEO of PADO, and her friends

A couple of German and Japanese

A couple of German and Japanese who are madly in love with each other

Maifun, a Vietnamese

Maifun, a Vietnamese who accepted our international marriage interview

Ms. Young Wha Moon and Mr. Nin

Ms. Young Wha Moon who produced and translated the multilingual pamphlet and Mr. Nin who did the video recording

American male and Japanese female

A couple of international marriage between American male and Japanese female