2024/06/13 16:52

Serkan Anilir interview

The first Turkish astronaut Serkan Anilir was interviewed at Tokyo University. At present, he is working as an assistant researcher at Tokyo university graduate school. His specialist fields are engineering and architecture, but he is able to speak 11 different languages, and is apparently very interested in Japanese history. He has extensive knowledge about a wide range of subjects.
Serkan, when giving advice to children who aspired after him and dreamed of going to space, replied that “Although I am extremely pleased to hear that children aspire after me, I hope that these children study various different fields and widen their own aspect on the world.” He also gave the following advice to foreign students studying in Japan “Even if you find it difficult at first, you must remember that it’s a path that you chose for yourself. I think your time here will certainly become a good experience so you shouldn’t give up no matter what. Also, try to remember that keeping a balance between study and other things is important. For example reading, meeting people, and finding a partner.”
He is a Turkish person himself, but in response to the question ‘is it true to say that you are an international citizen?' He declared “Well, my nationality is Turkish, but I hate making judgments based on race or religion. I suppose in that respect I am indeed an international citizen”.

In closing, let’s look at his favorite phrase. “Mu”(“nothing") is an old Chinese word. If there is neither happiness nor sadness in the world, nothing will occur. If you call “Mu” upon your heart you will succeed. This is what Serkan used to say.