2024/05/29 05:53

Summary of Professor Asano’s interview

Treasure your every encounter
Be troubled while you are young, adolescence is not as easy as you think.

It is hard to believe from the calm smile of Professor Asano that he used to be a shrewd governor who carried out many reformations. He is currently supporting outgoing students from Keiou University with his friendly guidance.

“I did not insist to be a governor but, at that time, there was a serious incident in Miyagi and I was requested for the position so I just embraced it. It happened just like that - if young people like you don’t have any goals or dreams right now, there is no need to doubt yourself. I was like that forty years ago. What is important to your life is every encounter you have and how you embrace them or react to them,” said the Professor. For his age it must be challenging to associate with young people who are the same generation as his daughter. However, he wants to take this as a chance to reflect on his own life and share his experiences with them, rather than to teach them as an adult. His ideal way of running things is like the welfare system for disabled people in northern Europe - a system which treats everyone right and equally.

“You may often suffer from the gap between your ideals and the realistic world out there during your school life while you are young. The time of adolescence is not as cool or as easy as you think but it is very important that you fight with your friends or get your heart broken from love rather than being afraid of getting hurt from having deep relationships with others. School life is the precious time when you can socialise with people without being influenced by any of the things out there that can change the way we think about one another and that is why I want young people to treasure their every encounter,” said professor.

His favourite quote is, “To have a spring in your step.” It is good to think ahead about your future but it is also important that you enjoy your moment right here and now.