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Long Interview

LongInterview vol.6
“The Importance of Associating With People”We interviewed NHK news reporter Ms. Ito who has a passion for meeting new and interesting people.
Interviewer: Chin Yen Ning
Interviewee: Ms. Toshie Ito
Chin, a student from Malaysia, interviewed Ms. Toshie Ito, who is a NHK newscaster, who spoke softly with a cute smile. She plays an important role as a newscaster for “News Watch 9” on NHK.
“You are no rose without these thorns.”
It is Mrs. Nagase’s poem who I mentioned earlier, it means that the beauty and discreetness of women can only blossom by having true strength inside.
Chin – Why did you want to become a newscaster?

Ito – I was actually interested in human communications when I was studying in university so I aspired to be a psychology counsellor. I thought about going to a graduate school but my parents insisted that I get a job so I chose to work instead. I was very fascinated by the beauty of words and communicating with others to create a TV show so I chose to become an announcer, which is also a job where I can be a messenger.

C – What are the upsides and downsides of your job?

I – The upsides are that I can be involved in the communication with a lot of people,  I just love it! But, in reality, there are many downsides as well. The news program that I am currently in charge of is a live broadcast so every word I say gets broadcasted straightaway. The tension of fighting with nervousness to broadcast a message to people who I can’t see has not changed even after so many years. I face a daily challenge with how I can get a message across to viewers while maintaining a good balance. There is a huge responsibility in this job but it gives me motivation to work even harder.
C – What was the most impressive incident or experience?

I – When I was a new face in Okayama, I featured my favourite poet, Kiyoko Nagase in a TV program. I loved her poems and I was looking forward to seeing her so much. Unfortunately, she passed away three months before I could meet her. That made me even more passionate about the program we made. The program was only thirty minutes long but it was definitely one of the most impressive programs that I got involved in. There was also another TV program called “Only Meeting ~ Yaiko and 66 Youngsters~” that I was involved in as a newscaster. We asked young people who had not stepped out of their houses for a long time to come into the studio and tell us what they were feeling. 66 of them came to help us. They gave us so many thoughts and opinions and it was very touching to hear their true feelings from bottom of their hearts.

C – Could you please tell us your favourite word or quote?

I – It’s, “You are no rose without these thorns.” It is Mrs. Nagase’s poem who I mentioned earlier, it means that the beauty and discreetness of women can only blossom by having true strength inside.

C – As a last request, would you please give overseas students a message?
I – Please try to meet as many people as possible while you are staying in Japan. School work is important but you can never understand Japan unless you meet many people and gain from their diverse experiences and opinions.

C – Thank you so much for your time!

News Watch 9

We would like to introduce the TV programs that Ms. Ito is in!

Special message

To people who are finding it difficult to communicate with others,

One of triggers to get out of this “Hikikomori” situation is to verbalise your feelings and being brave. You can also find more information about Hikikomori through the internet. You will realise the peacefulness and importance of people’s presence who can listen to your problems sincerely by exchanging words in some small way. It will also make you objectively see your feelings from the outside. When you want to get out of terrible situation or at least you want others to understand your feelings inside, please verbalise what you think as a start. Talk to somebody, leave a small note or you can even use the internet. I believe that this is the first step for you to get out of your old habit and explore the outside world.

Ms Ito’s recomemmdation

Kiyoko Nagase was born in the city of Kumayama-Cho in Okayama-Ken, in the Meiji era of 1906. She is a poet who had been writing poems on “Chabudai”, (Japanese style low dining table, it is not a study desk or anything) right until she died at the age of 89. Even during the wartime period, when it was difficult for women to have free speech, she never rested her hands. She was a wife, a mother who raised kids, a farmer who worked hard and a poet who did not stop writing poems. Her vitality strongly moved my heart and her poem is still an emotional crutch for me today. It is our job to protect these beautiful words as a newscaster, who must be a professional of words. I keep a journal everyday to step up to Mrs. Nagase. I have been writing in my journal since I was thirteen and I have more than 160 notebooks.

Experience note of interview by overseas students

Chin Yen Ning, Malaysia

I gained a good experience when I interviewed Ms. Ito newscaster yesterday. I was worried about my speech being inappropriate and whether or not she understands my poor Japanese. When I actually met her she welcomed me with her gorgeous smile and she answered all my questions very kindly. Her words just took me in so many times and when I heard her favourite quote, I said to myself, “she is a real announcer!” I was very impressed by her. From now on, I decided to support her and her gorgeous smile which you can see on “News Watch 9.”