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Directly connected from Ginza station
GUNZA FIVE is kind to foreigners
International shopping mall
Added to brochures in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean,
Multilingual website has also been launched.
GINZA FIVE, where you can go directly from the exit C of Ginza station on Tokyo Metro, they are promoting their shopping mall which is kind to foreigners by issuing multilingual brochures and opening a homepage not only for Japanese but for English, Chinese, and Korean speakers which was completed by the 5th of November.
The numbers of visitors, who are foreign residents of Japan and tourists, have been increasing these days. That gives them the need of more information about Ginza including maps and lines, not only in English, but in Chinese and Korean, also. The most notable feature of the brochure is it is written in ‘foreigners’ point of view’. American, Taiwanese, and Korean actually went interviewing. While conventional brochures were written in owners’ view, this time they had a shift-change to focus on foreigners, which means, their customers’ point of view. When you stop by Ginza, we highly recommend you to get one of the multilingual brochures and have a little language lesson or even a fun reading time!!

the attractiveness of Ginza and also of GINZA FIVE.

I have been working here for more than 30 years and I have seen so many changes of the town, Ginza. I see many foreigners and tourists around especially on weekends. Actually Ginza has been a town that is kind to the elders. Since there are few steep slopes that make it easier for the elders to walk around the town.

GINZA, Famous city in the world

enjoy the exotic atmosphere!

Also, the name of Ginza has been getting more famous also in the world; it is a sort of brand status to open a store in this town. Our GINZA FIVE has many tourists who come to buy some souvenirs and luxuries. Since this mall is directly connected to Ginza station, we have the comings and goings of many people. There once was a customer who spent more than 500 thousand yen without hesitation. Even celebrities such as foreign musicians who were staying at a hotel near Ginza came to shop. You might get a chance to meet TV personalities, foreign celebrities, and even sports athletes in GINZA FIVE! Please walk by GINZA FIVE where you can enjoy the exotic atmosphere!

Sukiyabashi Shopping center, Co.
Address: 5-1 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo
TEL: 03-3571-0487
URL: http://www.ginzafive.com/

We are supporting GINZA FIVE!!

GINZA FIVE is supported by

Persian Gallery Ginza branch

Speaking of carpets, Persia is it!
President himself goes all the way to the local famous carpet factory and import only selected ones. The coordinator of Persian carpets is always at the store to give you a useful advice from a professional point of view. You will love their authentic Persian atmosphere of the store!!

Bell Mode

This is a hat store which deals mainly in Helen Kaminski as an official outlet. They offer varieties of hats and you will surely find the one which suits you nicely!!

Ginza Sato Jewelry

Jewelry is even said to be an everlasting property. At this store, you can order your own-styled jewelry. Jewelry is a luxury. However, you can purchase one in a cheap price since this store was started from being a manufacturing wholesale.

Liebe Ginza by seven sisters

Select shop of imported stuff from France and Italy. They offer many items that make adults look more attractive. Designers’ accessories, scarves, western goods, small cute stuff…they will make you feel so fun!!

La Squall GINZA FIVE branch

All kinds of Vietnamese food are assorted here. Especially their Pho(rice noodle)is made with real raw noodle. Honestly, raw noodle changes everything better.
Their president has done some collaboration in food with a famous Vietnamese food specialist, Shinobu Sato. Enjoy their food that will never make you have enough.

Kow Loon GINZA FIVE branch

You can enjoy this tasty Hong Kong Dining with from standard Chinese to Hong Kong style. They put a special emphasis on the original taste of ingredients. They always keep pursuing both ingredients and health in food.
“Honestly, we don’t have much profit but it is totally our pleasure if customers become healthy by eating our food.”
Magical food which makes you healthier is waiting for you.


Kipling is the brand from a country of the mode, Belgium. This world-wide known brand mainly treats bags and their shops are its dealer.
Surprisingly, they have more than 130 branches in more than 50 countries in the world.
You could have one of the brands that many foreign celebrities love!!