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Expressing gratitude to nature

Interview with Naoki Segi, the director of the film “KIZUKI”
Expressing gratitude to natureInterview with Naoki Segi, the director of the film “KIZUKI”Environmental issues without borders!!
Interviewer Miss Oh
Chinese student
Environmental issues without borders!!
Q:What inspired you to direct a film?

A:I was born in Yokkaichi, Mie, which was notorious for pollution. When I went on a family trip to Nagano, I was so fascinated by prodigality of nature that I was eager to live surrounded by nature.
Also at the fourth grade of elementary school, the picture of Minamata disease in a school textbook, which showed the miseries pollution caused, has convinced me to break into broadcast journalism.
However, I failed to pass examination of major newspaper company and joined the filmmaker where I had been working as a part-timer when I was in college.
Only two and half years after I joined it, thanks to excellent staff, I became a director, though it usually takes 10 years at least to do.
It took very little time for me to become director, so I was at a loss about what I wanted to be like. At age 26, I quit the job to travel all over the world. I have been asking myself whether I really loved films or not for seven months there.
I saw myself objectively in an environment where I had trouble in communicating.
I paused to realize that film, which contained 24 exposures in a second, could deliver more messages than photos. Then I came back to Japan to start all over again from assistant director.
I really love films now.

Q:Do you develop a special feeling for “KIZUKI”? 

A:I emphasized contradictory behavior and inner conflict people have.
This film is not documentary one.
It is a human drama depicting social problems hiding behind.
We make something and consume resources for our survival.
We have to consume resources to make something.
This is human contradictory behavior.
This film is composed of four stories and each story has a main character of its own. Each character has his or her contradiction and conflict. You can check stories from your own experience.

Q:What do you think about environmental issues in China? 

A:There is a scene where people pick up trash washed ashore on Ishigaki Island in the film.
80 to 90 percentage of it is from abroad, especially China and Korea.
What I want to say is it’s not only China and Korea that is to blame and we have environmental issues without borders.I want this understood.
It is essential that people from all over the world should take some actions all the more for environmental issues without borders.

Q:Can I have the message for foreign students ?

A:Unfortunately, it’s the case that sometimes trash is not sorted out in the proper way in a district where many foreign students live.
Though they have respective environment, culture, and lifestyle habit, I want them to think again about what they should do to solve environmental issues without borders. .

Q:What is your Motto? 

A:It’s “gratitude”. I don’t forget to express gratitude to nature, people around me, and my family.

Mr Naoki Segi, the director

Naoki Segi
Born in 1963, in Mie
Working as a freelance after having worked for
a production after graduation from college
He continually shoots films which are set on nature
and community of region. His previous film
“Watch with me”,
which was about how terminal care should be,
got best customer satisfaction in the film,
drama magazine “Pia” in last June.
He is now attracting attention as a social director
in the field of education and of town development
as well as in the film industry.