2024/02/28 18:41

Let's enjoy dancing together !



Let's enjoy dancing together !


A new movement aimed at promoting sound exchange between young men and women through folk dance has been launched by university students in Tokyo.

It is promoted by「Folklore」(Folk dance gathering movement) under the auspices of UNESCO Tokyo Council. Attend the western folk dance and enjoy playing a game or an attraction!

On April 29, which is UNESCO international dance day "an international dance day festival" will be held at Tokyo's Hikarigaoka Park .





Date April 29th(Fri. holiday) 1pm-5pm

Place Square of Shibafu in Hikarigaoka Park


on Oedo line change at NERIMA on Seibu-ikebukuro line)

Admission for nothing

(in case of rain, that will be held at Bunka-Sohzohkan in Ohtsuka)

Items We learn and have a dance with easy western numbers

at the same time Promotion Nerima Folklore Council Auspices

UNESCO Tokyo Council, newspaper office Mainichi and so on

E-mail folklorestar@gmail.com

Internet-Site folklore-folkdance.com

TEL/FAX 049-258-3218 080-6704-3218

(Please contact Mr. Matsubara in English, French or Japanese)