2024/07/23 23:02

International Couple

Kentaro Tanada (Husband)
Sunhyon O (Wife)
How we met?
We met at a church for the first time

What was the first impression?
Tanada: When we talked, I got the merry impression from her.
O: I thought he is nice.

What was the reason of getting married?
Tanada: For international students, there are only choices; either going back home in regard of Visa problems or getting a job in Japan. Since she didn’t get any job, we had to decide whether we were going to break up or getting married. It didn’t take me long to get an answer.
O: It’s because he was so much truthful and responsible.

How did your parents react when you told them about the marriage?
Tanada: First, they weren’t very welcome but I tried to get their trust by showing my behavior and honesty rather than appealing by words.
O: His parents weren’t negative about our marriage and didn’t say NO.
Tanada: They told me they would support us if we take the responsibility by ourselves.

What do you think is the good point about international marriage?
Tanada: I would say that I can enjoy both her country’s language and food.
O: It’s nice when we have fights. I don’t have to be too offensive because I have to translate to Japanese in my head once before I talk.
Where did you have your wedding
             reception and party?
Tanada: I went to Korea with my parents but we didn’t do much. I guess nothing special happened here in Japan, either…
O: Hey!! We HAD a celebration with our relatives!! Don’t you remember?
Tanada: Oh right!!!

Do you have anything that you can’t understand about Korean?
Tanada: I think it’s weird that in Korea, they eat the same dish 2 or 3days in a row.
And we have to do a pre-wedding before an official one. Going broke….

What do you think about Japanese?
O: I think they are kind and cry easily!!

What do you think about Korean?
Tanada: They are classic like our people back in Showa period. They must be welcomed by our Japanese parents.

Message to your wife
Don’t be too mad when I correct your Japanese! When I ask you to say again, I mean to listen to your story with my heart. Please understand that.

Message to your husband
I want to express my feeling straight in Korean, so please try to study harder!

One point lesson
The average wage of part time jobs in Korea is 200yen per an hour!!