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Japanese man and Russian woman;

Japanese man and Russian woman

Mr. and Mrs. Wakabayashi

The number of international marriages has been increasing these days. According to the Health,Labor and Welfare Ministry’s statistics of movement of population, there were 36030 international marriages in 2003 and this accounted for 4.8% of the total number of marriages, that is one in every twenty couples is an international marriage and it is becoming more and more common around the world. It’s not “none of my business” issue anymore! There are possibilities that you will have an international marriage!!? What are the image and the reality of international marriage like!?
Q: Where did you meet for the first time? 

A: We met on the website for international exchange in the February of 2006.
Since then, we just kept keeping in touch only through e-mails and chats.
And the first time we actually met was after a year and it was when we went to a trip to Kiplos Island together.

Q: What was the first impression of each other? 

A: Since we had conversation before we met, there are few things that surprised us and even when we talked nothing, we didn’t feel awkward at all.

Q: What made you decide to marry? 

A: We decided because we just thought we wanted to be together. We think the reason for international marriage is the same as for non-international one.

Q: How was your parents’ reaction for that? 

A: Since our way of marriage wasn’t the one for everyone, people around us were worried about it. They said international marriage is hard but we decided to marry in order not to regret.

Mr. and Mrs. Wakabayashi

Q: What kind of advantage have you gotten after the international marriage?

A: This is not “what I got after the marriage” but “before the marriage”, we had a common hobby though we were born in a different country. Since we had liked Hindu and Buddhism before we met, we never had difficulties in finding a topic to talk about.
After we began to live together, we started meditating. Also we are curious about Yoga. To do something together is the best fun thing for both of us.

Q: Any comment for your husband?

A: Let’s keep understanding each other. If we get together, our power gets doubled. And we can get over any hardships together!!

Q: Give a comment to your wife, please.

A: Thank you for waiting for a long time. We will stay together for good!

Thank you so much, Mr. and Mrs. Wakabayashi!!