2024/06/13 17:12

International Marriage American man and Japanese woman

The number of international marriages has been increasing these days. According to the Health,Labor and Welfare Ministry’s statistics of movement of population, there were 36030 international marriages in 2003 and this accounted for 4.8% of the total number of marriages. One in every twenty couples is an international marriage and it is becoming more and more common around the world.

A couple of American man and Japanese woman
Mr. and Mrs. Saale

Mr. and Mrs. Saale have had a happy life with three kids in Japan for about 14 years.

How did you meet each other?

When I was twenty, I came to Japan for the first time and met her by chance at a restaurant I went to. I think I fell in love at first sight. She was so kind and pretty. After I went back to America, we kept in touch by letter and phone for about half a year. I paid a lot for the international call at that time.
As we wrote to each other many times, I felt our relationship was getting closer. Then, she came to see me in America. We traveled in Los Angels together, where we had a great time.
After that, I came to Japan and stayed here for a year. I went to school to study Japanese during the day and worked at night. It was pretty hard, but I was happy since I was able to see her whenever I wanted.

How was your parents' response to your marriage?

"My mom is from Brazil, so my parents have an international marriage as well. Many people have an international marriage in America, so everyone congratulated us warmly.
Since my brother is married to a Filipino lady, my family was kind of used to it. They seemed relieved as he speaks Japanese although they were a bit awkward at first."

For your kids' education, do you speak English at home?

"They all tend to speak Japanese since he speaks Japanese. Our elder daughter understands what people say in English, but she hardly talks to us in English. When they were small, I used to talk to them in English. However, now they speak Japanese almost all the time since their friends speak Japanese, too.
I want them to study in America, if they like, so they can also experience my own culture. "

Do you have any message for those who will have an international marriage?

If you live in Japan, you need to have an understanding of Japanese language and culture since it is important for you to get used to the environment. It is really great that he loves Japan.

We have different language and different ideas. For example, American people take a shower in the morning, but Japanese do in the evening. It is not a matter of which of us is correct. I suggest what is important is to respect each other.