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Mr and Mrs Hoshino have a dental clinic

Mr Hoshino was originally from Taiwan and came to Japan as an exchange student with
the sponsorship of Taiwan.
He became a dentist in Shinjuku, especially for foreigners living in Japan. He met his
Japanese wife at a church. They are working hard everyday to looking after their patients,
not only physically but mentally as well.
Chin: How did you guys meet?

Mrs.Hoshino: I met him through bible study at a church in Shibuya. I also have the experience of living in a foreign land, America, so I was thinking it will be great if I could become good friends with someone who comes from another country. Soon after we went to a swimming pool and since that day we started going out. There is a teaching in Christianity that everyone is a brother or a sister and we are able to explore who you really are.

C: A Japanese wife is said to be the most idealistic wife in the world. What do you think?

Mr.Hoshino: In Japan, they believe in wives supporting their husbands and we have a same belief in Christianity as well. I think she is doing a great job as a wife. We have a student at our house as a home stay and she is looking after him as one of the family members, just like she does for our daughter and son. She is very loving and I think that is just wonderful.

C: What is the fun of, and the complication of, mix marriage?

Mrs: If there were more mix marriages, the world will be a peaceful place…
I believe that most of these mixed couples overlook the differences of their backgrounds or the way they look. How well they click is the key to their marriage.

I never knew anything about Taiwan and he didn’t know the place I grew up either but for some reason we were drawn to each other.
After we got married both of us have found amazing discoveries about each other.
It is so much fun to find out new things and we learn so many good things from each other.
For example, he cares about his family so much and this is a normal thing in Taiwan.

When I was living in America, my host family took great care of me and that is why
I wanted to become a home stay and help out exchange students who come to Japan.
Also, because we are a mixed couple as well, we can understand and treat them well.
Our children have met so many people as they grew up so I am hoping that they will grow up as people who have a wide perspective of the world.

If you find anyone from overseas who have dental problems please introduce our Hoshino dental clinic in Shinjuku, we will be able to help them not only with their dental problems but therapy as well!
Hoshino Dental Clinic: Booking number 03-3366-0018 We speak Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese and English
1 minute walk from Shinokubo train station, Yamanote line

          Chin Rin Tokyo Gakugei University

Through the interview of Mr and Mrs.Hoshino, it
encouraged me to live life to the fullest.
We experience happiness and bitterness of life as long as we live it.
It is sometimes hard to live life
but if you don’t give up on your hopes or dreams and try the hardest,
your dreams will always come true.
Mr and Mrs Hoshino are deeply in love with each other
and I hope they will have a happy life together forever.