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Malaysian man and Japanese woman

The number of international marriages has been increasing these days. According to the Health,Labor and Welfare Ministry’s statistics of movement of population, there were 36030 international marriages in 2003 and this accounted for 4.8% of the total number of marriages. One in every twenty couples is an international marriage and it is becoming more and more common around the world.

Malaysian man and Japanese woman couple

Husband: Chiui Yan
Wife: Narumi Matsumata

Malaysian and Japanese couple

Q:Where did you meet for the first time?

What was the first impression of each other?

As a part-timer, he joined the restaurant where I worked
in the summer of 2001. Then he was not so good at Japanese,
he sometimes made incoherent responses.
While going out to karaoke with our colleagues,
we gradually become friendly.
My Japanese continued improving thank to Narumi.
He knows even what the Japanese don’t know well.

Q: What made you decide to marry?

When I reached 30 years of age, I dared to propose to her.
Shall we marry, Na-chan?
That’s not what you said. You said
“Will you marry me, please?”

Q: How was your parents’ reaction for that?

My mother in Malaysia was so glad.
Actually she will come to Japan to see us soon.

Q: What kind of advantage have you gotten after the international marriage? 

The Chinese have a strong sense of fellowship.
They have ‘compassion’.He is very kind.
He never fail to keep his promises and
he loves and respects me.
Though having so many friends, Na-chan is honest
and works on everything without hesitation.

Q: Any comment for your husband?

He is good at cooking so I’d like him to make fine dishes for me.

Q: Give a comment to your wife, please. 

I have been with her for a long time, and so much happened.
Sometimes she supported me financially,
I appreciate it.Let’s get along together.

They two make a beautiful couple.
I hope that they share a long and happy life together.