2024/07/24 00:30

Multicultural delivery-Meeting-

It’s been a few years since I quit my job at a hospital. When I think back, I have encountered so many deliveries and those experiences made me start working for mothers from foreign countries and their families. I would like to start this column with talking about the reality of multicultural deliveries and reason I started.
The hospital that I worked for as a fresh maternity nurse was really unique for its percentage of foreigners’ deliveries-one third of a monthly delivery.

However, I had a bad impression about taking care of foreign women since it was troublesome as it took me longer time compared with the care of Japanese mothers.

From the characteristics of the district, there were many Asian patients who spoke Chinese and Korean which were the languages unfamiliar to me and I even kept having my stereotype that we wouldn’t be able to understand each other.

However, days made me change to have questions or interests in them. I found that they talked about the things about delivery that I had never thought about, and did the things which I had never seen and could be seen as “crazy”.

But after those talks or actions, they seemed like they were really relieved.
I was shocked.

Honestly, so many kinds of feelings- surprise, unpleasantness, interests all came up to me at the exact same time.

Then I finally realized how indifferent I was and how narrow my view and knowledge was. It took me many years until I got to realize it though.

But thanks to those precious experiences, I ended up going to Australia to study intercultural nursing which definitely made what I am now.
The universal event, delivery is taken differently according to each culture. They differ because the thing each culture thinks is the most important is a bit different.

That means, at the same time, when you have valuable things, other culture also has theirs.

Next topic will be about the multicultural deliveries that I have encountered.

I hope by knowing various kinds of deliveries, it will help you think about multi-culture and will lead you to “symbiosis”.