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International Couple Interview

Mr. Abbas Azimi (Iranian)
Mrs. Yoko Azimi (Japanese)
Q: How did you meet for the first time?
A: At the restaurant in Roppongi.

Q: How did you start dating?
Yoko: When we were having a birthday party at the restaurant, he showed up with flowers
in his hand. Then it went so naturally.

Q: What made you decide to marry him?
Yoko: He is such a wonderful person who is very considerate of family. For me, he was the
first to have a serious fight with tears with. These things made me feel that I could spend
all my life with him.

Q: Did you have any difficulties in getting married at that time?
Yoko: Since there was no thing such as internet, we had no idea about how to collect all the information about the procedure for marriage.
International Couple Interview
Q: How did you tell your parents in Japan?
Abbas: Her parents were totally against our marriage since our countries are so distant to each other.
Yoko: But they liked his personality from the beginning.
Abbas: So I spread the map and said, “It’s not Iran that is far!! Japan is far!!” lol.
Although I couldn’t convince them that time, now, we got to
be closer enough to drink together even with not many words.
I know we stick together.

Q: What do you want your children to be like?
Yoko: I want them to be grown up to be women with humanity
and a supple mind.

Q: What do you think about both men and women in Iran?
Yoko: They have such a great humanity, a warm heart, and
politeness in particular.

Q: Any message to your husband?
Yoko: I really hope your health. Everything is going ok with
healthy mind and body! lol.
Thank you for believing in me and for our warmhearted family.

Q: Message to your wife, please.
Abbas: I usually am too shy to say this but I always appreciate these to my wife in my heart. “Thank you for everything you
have done.” And “Thank you so much for giving 3 daughters
to our life”.

Trivia of Iran
More than half of the garbage per capita is made by FRUITS