2024/07/23 23:22

International Marriage

Saintoin Ludovic James
Kaori Suda
Q:How did you get to know each other?

When I (Kaori) was a university student, I went to France to study for a year. James had always been interested in Japanese culture since he was a kid. When he saw me on the train, he started talking to me. I was, of course, interested in French culture, so we became friends because we could learn from each other.

Q:Why did you start going out?

We both enjoyed talking to each other and eating together. We decided to see how things would go if we go beyond friendship, so we started going out.

Q:Why did you decide to get married?

It was because we both had the belief that we could be with each other forever.
Also, part of it was because the question of what to do with James’ pizza also becomes simpler.

Q:What do you do on holidays?

We often dine out on holidays. We also ride a bike to places where we can take a walk.
There are a lot of places in Tokyo that James wants to visit, so we go sightseeing and shopping as well.
When the weather is not so good, we watch a movie.

Q:What’s an ideal family like to you?

I want 2 kids, a boy and a girl. I also want to travel to many countries and places together.

Q:What do you call each other?

It depends on the situation. Usually we call each other “cherie”, a word that French use towards important people such as family and the people they love.
Q:How was your first impression of each other?

James: I thought she was an interesting person who does whatever she likes freely. She told me many things. I had felt that she is someone trustworthy before we got to know each other well.
Kaori: It was amazing how the childish way he talked, his facial expressions, and the content of the conversation could change into a mature one within minutes. It was really cool how he had his own opinions of his lifestyle, politics, and other things as well.

Q:How did people around you react when they heard that you were marrying a foreigner?

James: My family and friends had already known that I was interested in Japan and Japanese people. And because it was my own decision, they didn’t really worry too much and were really happy for me.
Kaori: Everyone around me was against it. They thought I had made an impulsive decision without thinking about it. Also, they thought that I needed to take an international marriage more seriously than a normal marriage. But ever since they saw us together, my family started to like him and felt more comfortable with our marriage.

Q:Do you plan to stay in Japan?

James: We’ll be here for a while. I love Japan and there are a lot of things that I want to see, so I’mhappy tostay here as long as I can go back to visit family and friends once in a while.
Kaori: Since I’m working, I can not leave Japan. One year of studying there was not enough, so I hope I can go to France when I’m still young and work there if there’s a chance.

Q:Lastly, please say a few words to each other.

Kaori: (To James)Please make more effort to study Japanese. Also, you should remember how to separate garbage as soon as possible.
James: (To Kaori)Let’s live in Paris sometime in the future! (Although I don’t know when that’ll be)