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History / Scenes About The World Heritage
"Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range, and the Cultural Landscapes that Surround Them"
Kumano Ancient Road Kumano-san-zan of Kii Mountain Range, Koyasan, Yoshino, and Omine is a unique example of sacred sites of the Shinto and Buddhist deities remaining widely in very good condition forming various beliefs such as Shintoism based on the nature worship, Buddhism which has been descended from China and showed original deployment in Japan, and Shugendo which has the origin of the connection of both with pilgrimage routes such as Omine Okugake-michi, Kumano pilgrimage route, and Koyasan-choishi-michi. Moreover, they are very precious also in the point of having still rooted among people.

2.About the registration for The World Heritage
Process and procedure before registration
Since the set-up of The World Heritage Registration Team at prefectural office in Apr. 2000, Wakayama prefecture have executed many procedures necessary for the recommendation such as designation of the recommended sites, enactment of scenic ordinance, and their decision making panel or forum with municipal governments, Nara Prefecture, and Mie Prefecture.
And at the liaison conference of relevant government ministries and agencies for The World Heritage (*) held on Jan. 16, 2003, the governmental recommendation of "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range, and the Cultural Landscapes that Surround Them" was determined, and the recommendation was submitted to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee on Jan. 27, 2003.
Also, the future schedule is: After on-site investigation by specialized agency, ICOMOS: International Council on Monuments and Sites in 2003, pros and cons of the registration to the list of The World Heritage will be decided at the 28th World Heritage Committee held around June, 2004.
(*) Consisted of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Ministry of the Environment, Forestry Agency, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.