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yamagata has lots to Offer



yamagata has lots to Offer








Yamagata has much to offer both the domestic and the international traveler. The forms of the Japan of the past can still be seen here, along with everything that modern Japan has to offer. Alongside the cultural offerings here exists the great natural beauty of the area, replete with mountains, forests, hot springs, streams, and valleys that are ideal for hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities.

In order to experience everything that Yamagata has for travelers, one must first make their way here. Fortunately, getting here is a snap. Yamagata has two airports, one near Yamagata City and another on the Shonai seacoast, allowing for easy travel from the countries' other major airports. Yamagata is also served by the Yamagata Shinkansen, or bullet train, that runs from Tokyo through Yamagata City and up to the northern city of Shinjo. For those who prefer to drive, Yamagata also has expressways and an extensive road network.

Yamagata Prefecture can be divided into four areas: Mogami, Murayama, Okitama, and Shonai. Each of the different areas has a charm of their own. For more detailed information about these different parts of Yamagata and what you can do there, follow the links below.

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