2024/07/24 00:52

Russian home jenya column


ロシアの家 ジェーニャ コラム

The other day, there was an episode about Russian figure skater, Plushenko’s house on Japanese TV. Gorgeous place that even Russians are amazed of.


But, normal Russian’s house is kind of simple. At Khrushchev’s era, a lot of “Khrushchevka” apartments were built and small 6 square meters kitchen is a sign of that times. While Russia is famous for its wideness, houses are not that different from Japan. 

o, in this matter Japan is closer to Russia than US and Europe. Everyone is dreaming about big pretty house, this dream is the same for the whole world. By the way, in Russia you have to take your shoes off when enter the house, same as Japan.

To speak of difference, Russian love to have guests. Even if you met Russian for the first time, be sure, if he invites you, he means it. It is not out of politeness, and you have to visit!

Still, Russians are pretty shy, so first time is kind of awkward for them. But from the second time you met, you are already the best friends!

Russians are also great at hospitality. Even if they have nothing left to eat tomorrow, they’ll still take out the best of their fridge to please you. Russians prefer kitchen to living to chat with friends while getting tea or beer. 

If one day you will get an invitation to Russian house, please come. You’ll have a great time!




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