2019/08/22 13:30

Updated Information about the Application of Sosei Fuel Water


Updated Information about the Application of Sosei Fuel Water

Can you believe it? When you burn 100% diesel in a burner, the flame’s highest temperature is 700℃. However, if you mix 30% Sosei Fuel Water (functional water) with it, the flame’s highest temperature went over 1300℃!

The pump’s pressure has not changed so the amount of liquid that is being blown out from the nozzle is the same. This means that by mixing 30% Sosei Fuel Water (functional water), the amount of diesel will be reduced to 70%.

Why does the calorific value increase despite the amount of fuel being reduced to 70%?
This functional water holds a unique structure called H302-, which not only increases the efficiency of the combustion rate, it also increases the calorific value due to the energy originally contained in the water being released under the heat. After measuring the combustion properties, in accordance with JIS K2279 (ISO 3684), it was measured that emulsified mixture of Sosei Fuel Water and oil gave as much as 64% of the calorific value of base oil.

If you think this phenomenon only works on a burner that is not the case. This phenomenon can obviously be applied to an internal combustion engine. Therefore, fuel can be reduced and at the same time, power can be increased by adopting this to engines.

Furthermore, by reducing the fuel, the number of exhaust fumes and emission can be significantly reduced, and it is expected that the number of emissions such as CO2, Sox, and NOx can be reduced by up to 80% with the power of Sosei Fuel Water.

In particular, the shipping industry is expected to comply with a drastic reform after the International Maritimes Organization (IMO) set 2020 as the year in which a new emission rule (all ships to use marine fuel with a sulfur content of 0.5%) will be applied. Despite attempts to achieve this goal by changing the type of fuel or by setting parts such as scrubbers (air pollution control devices), low-sulfur marine fuels is not cost effective and this can lead to administrative bankruptcy. If all types of ships from old ones to new ones, as well as all sizes, are expected to implement this new rule, ships that have difficulty implementing this will have no choice but to stop operating.

There are many reports suggesting that the core of particulate matter (PM), which is said to be linked to causing health problems, is Sox.

In relation to the current movement to clear emissions, the technology of Sosei Fuel Water will reduce Sox to zero!


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