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Thank you very much for your continued support.

Thanks to everyone, the "Global Community" has successfully completed its 14th year, focusing on the theme of interaction between Japanese and foreign residents.

Moving forward, we will continue to address cross-cultural issues related to health, medicine, and the environment, and promote cultural exchange.

We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to another successful year ahead.

As the situation with COVID-19 settles down and international students begin to arrive, we are eager to ramp up our activities.


1: TEAMEXPO at the 2025 Osaka Kansai Expo to Feature the International Red and White Sing Festival. (IRWS)

IRWS aims to be a regular event in various regions, including Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brazil, inviting outstanding performers to the main venue in Osaka for an international exchange centered around music. 
Learn more: https://team.expo2025.or.jp/ja/challenge/1248



Having hosted the IRWS in Cebu in 2017 and 2018, the CEBU MUSIC LEARNING CENTER participates in the 11th edition online, connecting the Cebu organizers with the Osaka venue for an introduction to the musical exchange between Japan and the Philippines. The local event is set to resume in 2024.(https://www.irws.org/cebu/


3: Two Participants from São Paulo's Japanese Community in the 11th IRWS

Two individuals from São Paulo's Japanese community are participating online in the 11th IRWS. Brazil, with nearly 2 million Japanese residents, is known for its vibrant karaoke culture. The event plans to connect São Paulo with IRWS in the future.


4: Two Medical University Students from Bandung, Indonesia, Join the 11th IRWS

Two medical university students from Bandung, Indonesia, were selected to represent their country in the 11th IRWS in Osaka. The event, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aimed to provide a platform for global exchange through music. 


5: Regular Activities of Student Interpreter Volunteer Guides Intensify at Osaka Castle and Toyokuni Shrine

Regular activities on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month by student interpreter volunteer guides are gaining momentum at Osaka Castle and Toyokuni Shrine. 

Anyone with a desire to share the beauty of Japan can join, regardless of their current English proficiency or knowledge of tourist attractions. An explanatory session is available on Zoom. 



6: Top 3 Most Read Articles as of November 2023


1:"Foreigners' Favorite Japanese Songs Ranking" - 1st place from the International Red and White Sing Festival



2: "Japan, the First Country to Advocate for the Abolition of Racial Discrimination on the World Stage" 


3: Special Feature 1: "Designing a Future Society Where Life Shines"


Dr. Nobusada Shinoura - Physician

Graduated from the University of Tokyo Medical School. Received a Doctor of Medicine in 1992. Studied at the University of Cincinnati the same year. Actively worked at various institutions, becoming the Chief of the Department of Neurosurgery at Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital in 2009. Renowned for expertise in awake brain surgery.


International Red and White Singing Festival (IRWS) - 11th Edition

The 11th IRWS will take place on November 19

at the Minoh City Culture and Exchange Center in Osaka.

Authorized by 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Consortium for Supporting International Students in Osaka
Japan-ASEAN Center
Overseas Japanese Association

[Sponsors, Partners, Collaborating Companies, and Organizations]

  1. [Tokyo's Ota Ward - Top-Class History and Achievements] City Housing Co., Ltd. Website: City Housing

  2. [Revolutionary Scholarship System Bringing a Fresh Approach to Caregiver Recruitment] Handy Network International Co., Ltd. Website: Handy Network International Learn more about the scholarship system

  3. EMUKOKU Co., Ltd.

  4. ICHII Co., Ltd. Website: ICHI

  5. Global Trust Networks Co., Ltd. Website: Global Trust Networks

  6. Eisei Hospital Website: Eisei Hospital

  7. NPO Japan Mind-Body Function Activation Therapists Association Website: Shinshinkaizen

  8. EXING Co., Ltd. Website: JOYSOUND Global

  9. Oakhouse Co., Ltd. Website: Oakhouse

[Supporting Organizations]

  • Radin General Incorporated Association
  • Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE)
  • Osaka International Exchange Center
  • Music for SDG's
  • Humming for PEACE
  • Yamamoto Gakko (School) Website: Yamamoto Gakko
  • Japanese Language Education Information Platform (Nihongo Platt) Website: Nihongo Platt
  • Cebu Music Learning Center (Philippines) Website: Cebu Music Learning Center
  • LPK Bahana Inspirasi Muda (Indonesia) Website: Bahana Inspirasi Muda
  • Brazilian Business Group - ASIA (Japan-Brazil) Website: BBG Asia

The 11th IRWS will be held on November 19, 2023. The event will be live-streamed

on the official page: IRWS Official Page

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Multilingual Web Magazine GLOBALCOMMUNITY

Editor-in-Chief: Keimi Miyazaki

Contact: info(@)yokosojapan.net Phone: 070-5653-1493

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